Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday check-in

Hi all,
Sunday check in time.
If you're not a writer, check in on what you read this week, or did this week. We'd love to hear from you.


  1. I got a contest entry ready, and a synopsis!!
    (With Missy's help. What a lifesaver!)
    Missy and I brainstormed book ideas.
    This week I plan to watch the DVD's that Missy suggested in an earlier post.
    Then I will work on characters and scene ideas---then start writing!!
    Oh, and do a powerpoint presentation for church Sunday night.

  2. I reworked the prologue on my WIP (it feels good to write again), finished Colleen Coble's "Fire Dancer" (you're right, Missy, it was riveting), and am starting on Donald Maass's "Writing the Breakout Novel." Christy is supposed to be starting her's too. Have you read that introduction, Twinkie?

  3. Mindy,
    I skipped ahead to page 81 on "Writing the Breakout Novel" but didn't get much read. I PROMISE to go back and read the introduction.

    I met with my 2 critique partners Saturday. We did some brainstorming and that helped on a new WIP I've got brewing.

    I've set my other WIP (The Distance... - one I entered in the contests) aside for about a month to work on this new one which is related.

    I got back more contest critiques and now I HAVE to write those Thank you notes THIS WEEK!

    Goals: 1)Character Profiles with their GMC's for New WIP (no title yet) and begin its Synopsis.

    2)Contest Thank you notes
    3) Donald Maas book

  4. Good work, ladies.
    Oh, and I forgot to add one things. I finished reading Rekindled.
    Fabulous. I lOVED< LOVED that book. Can't quit thinking about it.
    Read it if you haven't.

    I have Revealed but don't dare start it yet. Need time to work on my stuff before I get that addicted again.

  5. I finished chapter eight of my WIP, I also edited chapters two and seven. I did more research. I wrote thank you notes to judges for my second Genesis manuscript. I blogged, critiqued a few chapters, and studied writings from Nicholas Sparks. I watched the movie "A Walk to Remember" twice this weekend, studied it, and cried over it both times. It's based on a novel that Nicholas Sparks wrote. He modeled the heroine after his sister. You've got to go to his site and read about it!

    1. Go on vacation next weekend.
    2. Start writing chapter nine in WIP.
    3. Write thank you notes to judges for third Genesis manuscript.
    4. Finish reading "Pirate's Prize".
    5. Start reading new book - Hey, I'll be on vacation!

  6. What did I do last week? Hmm.
    I cleaned up a lot of loose ends. Yay!
    Then I plotted my book out. I finished a book I'd been reading for a long time, A Case For Christ. I also ran an online contest on my personal blog. It was really fun. The thing that was best for me, I learned so much about marketing:-)