Friday, June 22, 2007

Take My Quiz

There are no right or wrong answers. Just do it in fun, or to have a break from reading, writing, working, whatever! Exercise your mind! Post your answers in COMMENTS.

1) Growing up, what was your favorite cartoon character?

2) Name three of your favorite movies.

3) If you were paid to play a sport, any sport, what would it be?

4) Final question. Look at the picture below:

Imagine you've just been whisked away in a speeding boat and the boat is taking you to your dream destination. Where are you going?


  1. 1) Bugs Bunny

    2) Walk the Line, While You Were Sleeping, Legally Blonde

    3) I would be an ice skater. These folks are athletic but also graceful. I am neither. I probably won't get paid very much.

    4) I'm headed to the Italian coast. I've never been there before, but it's on the other side of the world and steeped in history. Fun, fun awaits me, I'm sure!

  2. Okay, here we go...
    1.favorite cartoon character is Johnny Quest (to this day, but it has to be the old version, lol.)
    2. favorite movies Frequency, Brigadoon, and it'll come to me later, lol, but I don't know right now.
    3. sport would be synchronized swimming
    4. Caribbean or Victoria, BC. One for the warm ocean and the other for the ambience of the city I love.


  3. okay,

    1. Veronica from the Archies
    2. The Scarlet Letter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Dirty Dancing
    3. Bowling
    4. I would be cruising on the water, never leaving the boat!! (Mindy--I wish I was where you are!)

  4. Oh! This has been so fun! Thanks for playing Angie and Lindi!

    Lindi, I can see you as Veronica!

    Angie, aren't you a syncronized swimmer already? That's a very graceful sport. Makes me think of Ester Williams - remember those old movies?