Thursday, July 12, 2007

Can you hear me now?

Hello from Dallas. Your virtual RWA National guides, Mindy and Angie, here...

Today we woke up. Barely. After fortifying ourselves with some very strong tea, we headed to the PRO Retreat. Colleen Gleason gave a fabulous presentation about self-promotion that was the highlight for us. The list of workable tools included in order: 1. A great website-spend the money. 2. A newsletter (with a good loadable program on your computer such as 1-2-All or Constant Contact.) 3. Guest blogging during the 2 weeks of around the release of your book. 4. Online Reviewer/relationships with them. 5. Handout tools such as bookmarks. 6. Mailings 7. T-shirts for advertising.

After two more workshops, we headed to the ballroom eagerly expecting a fabulous lunch. Ah, reality versus expectations. Let's just say lunch was in the interesting realm. But Lisa Kleypas, the Keynote Speaker, entertained with humor and excellent advice. Ask anyone who attended about armadillos.

We considered a swim. But the postage stamp-sized pool licked that idea. And I thought everything was bigger in Texas!

The afternoon held a surprise open house with Steeple Hill editors and authors. Enjoyable and relaxed, the atmosphere was excellent for low-key networking and building friendships.

The Moonlight Madness went from bazaar to bizarre when these zany authors realized their graduated heights.

More bars than anyone...(look for us in upcoming Cingular AT&T ads, lol.)

Left to right: Mindy, Angie, Kimberly Fish, Debra Clopton, & Allie Pleiter. We ranged from 5'3 to 6'0 even.

But why stop there? We entertained the entire bazaar with our antics captured during the photo opp.

What? I don't believe you. I'm innocent officer. I tell you, I'm innocent! (Note suspect #4.)

Cheryl Wyatt (affectionately known as Squirrel) at the Harlequin Pajama Party.

Some of Harlequin's finest divas joined us at the Pajama Party. Who can you pick out in the picture? We have a free book for the first 2 to tell us the authors you recognize:-) Leave a comment for your chance to win.

This is Mindy and Angie, on behalf of the Faith girls at RWA in Dallas signing off. Stay tuned for Friday's highlights.


  1. Y'all are all hilarious!

    And about being able to wake up, tea won't do it, you've got to fuel up with COFFEE!!

    Drat! I don't recognize any of the authors!

    Maybe some of our readers can give it a try!

  2. Where is Lindi in all of these pictures ???? Is she behaving ??? Christy, I think you and I should talk about these wild women and straighten them out !!!!! Keep writing !!!!!!

    Cousin Wendy

  3. Christy,
    You got it wrong. We've been double dipping and drinking both to keep up the energy. It takes coffee, tea, and we also added diet coke.


  4. Miss Wendy...your cousin was galavanting at a special dessert reception that we were not at...Missy bought her a companion ticket:-) I ran into her at lunch today though. She's having a ball!

  5. Hi to Wendy and Christy!!!! We are having fun, but Wendy, they won't post my photo!!! Just like mother wouldn't post yours from the family reunion. Maybe tomorrow night if I dress up they'll take my picture!!
    You'll have to come to one of these some time. We would LOVE it!

    Miss all at home.

  6. Loved the photos!! Thanks for sharing, Angie, and for blogging about the conference. I didn't even take my computer so couldn't post a thing.

    I'll eventually post, either here on on my personal blog, about all the fun things I did! :)

    Some of the best times, though, were being with the faith girls and all the other great ladies I met.