Sunday, July 8, 2007

Check-In Sunday

It's check-in Sunday. Tell us about what you've been doing this week.


  1. I've actually printed my ms to revise and have worked on the first chapter. I'm working on the first three and a synopsis for a request.
    Anybody else?

  2. I did absolutely nothing. Well, not nothing. Actually, I did quite a bit. Just not much in the realm of writing. I've been gearing up for RWA conference and puttin the finishing touches on the FHL One-Day conference. Can't wait to actually write again though :-)

  3. 1. I just finished revising a manuscript for a request.
    2. I worked on my "elevator pitches" and my one-sheets.
    3. I finished a new chapter in my WIP.

    This week I plan to revise another manuscript for a request, and hope to finish another chapter in my WIP.

    Lindi, congrats on the request.

  4. This week I've been prepping for RWA conference. I've updated my business cards, cleared my desk of "must do" work, and worked on my book blurb. Also, I focused on the Montana Tour on my personal blog. It's helped me relax and really enjoy life:-) I also started packing yesterday. That was the smartest thing I could do. I didn't want to feel that last minute panic. That was a very smart thing to do because I am calm.


  5. No writing. Edited some of my CP's ms.

    I've been THINKING about my WIP.

    Yes, that's what the big smoke cloud hovering over Georgia is. My thinking is in overdrive.

    Hope when all this smoke clears the solution will be obvious.

    Y'all have fun at RWA.

    Congrats on the request Lindi. Glad you're following through.

  6. Lindi and Christy, glad you two have nothing much to do but still cant write !!! Shame, shame,................. I had a fullfilling week with the mentally retarted, two different nights I took two different groups to watch fireworks. They were in their glory ! Linda even called me on the fourth worried about rain...but we lucked out. SHE told me she prayed and prayed to be able to go, no rain. I brought her to my home and let her read your site, (well I read it to her) she cried. I am working on getting her a computer where she can talk to you all, you will love her !!!! But please, remember, she cant read or write, so be patient. When a staff member comes to work with her that cares about her at all, she will respond in her own words. We are so fortunate.......we read, write, (well sometimes) and have common sense. If you write back to her, please remember that she lives on emotions. Great lady..........

  7. I spent the weekend working out how I'm going to promote my new book - after 7 months of writing it's now at the Publisher's and I can't wait to have a copy in my hands! It's called Worth More Than Rubies: The Value of a Work At Home Mum, based on Proverbs 31.

    By the way - I found you via bless you!

  8. Dear Kathie T
    Thank you not only for visiting and posting a comment, but also for telling us where you came from. We are tickled you found us:-)
    Come see us again soon.


  9. Wendy,
    Thanks for sharing about your week. We'd love to hear from Linda. I'm glad you shared our blog with her and that she enjoyed what you read to her.

    Kathie T - Congrats on your book. Sounds like one I'd like to check out! Glad you stopped in to say hi.