Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Conference Come Down

I've spent the last couple days decompressing from RWA. The fun and excitement, the wealth of knowledge, new friends, old friends, and all 'round good time. Like my counterparts, I felt this year was a good balance. I even slept, which was a good thing since I ended up going directly to the water park once I got home. But that's another story.

Unlike last year, I didn't feel the overwhelming presence of erotica. Perhaps it was because there were none in my goody bag, which had been pared down from previous years. This year, my focus was on learning. And while many of the workshops disappointed me, there were a couple that knocked my socks off.

First, would have to be Michael Hauge's workshop entitled "From Identity to Essence: Love Stories and Transformation." I thought I was going to run out of paper taking notes. This guy spoke on what I like to call a bottom-shelf level. He makes things easy to get to, easy to understand. There were more light bulbs going off in my head than the Las Vegas strip.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips also gave a good workshop entitled Six Magic Words. What might those be, you ask. Keep the reader in the story. Hey, the woman has sold millions of books. Surely she knows a thing or two.

Jeff Crilley, a local news reporter here in the DFW area, gave a workshop on how to get media attention. This guy is so bubbly, so energetic, that he keeps you riveted. He also had some fabulous ideas for promoting yourself and your books. You can get his book "Free Publicity" on Amazon.com. It's worth the mere $10.

Aside from workshops, I repeatedly found myself in the company of some great ladies - my FAITH sisters Angie, Missy and Lindi, Debra Clopton, Janet Dean, Cheryl Wyatt (whom I really enjoyed getting to know), Gina Welborn (another fabamundo new friend), Debbie Guisti (pronounced juice-tea), Terri Weldon, Alli Pleiter, Kimberly Fish (new friend extraordinaire), and Darlene Buchholz. Faith, Hope & Love has some great women of faith, and to be able to spend time in their presence was an incredible blessing.

My biggest take-away from RWA was that it's time to get serious. Maybe it was rooming with Angie (the girl is so goal-oriented) or just the re-invigoration that I needed, but time's a wastin'. I have things to do, and they ain't gonna get done unless I do 'em. No more whining. It's time to get busy. So what if I write a totally crappy first draft. At least it's out of my head and on paper. I can always fix it later.

I need to go now. I have some travel plans to book for my internal editor. It's time for him to go on a looooong vacation.


  1. AMEN! I'm sending my editor with him!

    Okay, getting off internet now to write :)

  2. Mindy,
    Great post. Great recap. It was nice spending time together and the Michael Hague workshop did rock!!
    I hope you had fun at the water park. I got home in time to get into my hubby's car and go to my mom's for dinner. Hey, at least I didn't have to cook!!

  3. I had such a great time. Mindy, I loved being your roomie. How else would I have been the owner of that REALLY HUGE...no...GYNORMOUS cake, lol. Do cakes show up everywhere you go? I like that magical talent:-D Seriously, it sure drew some amazing people. Sharon Mignerey, Barbara Harris, Gina Welborn, Lindi Peterson, and more...I couldn't believe what a great time I had with all these folks. I felt like they were all just pouring their wisdom and love into us. The trick is to have a giant chocolate cake to get published, lol.

  4. Love it! Send that internal editor on vacation. Mine has been whispering to me all day that what I was writing was... well, not good. :)

    So, bye bye internal editor!