Monday, July 16, 2007

Conference Comments

Well, conference is over, people are arriving back home, and hopefully new novels are being started, or old novels are being revised or sent off to editors and agents who requested them. There's nothing like hanging out with 2000 other writers to get one motivated.
I have to say I had a fabulous time. I met new people that I just love, got to reconnect with friends I'd met before and hang out with Angie and Mindy. We missed Christy and Jenn, but in September---watch out ACFW! F.A.I.T.H girls are coming!
I recall conferences where I went to workshop after workshop and learned a lot, but didn't connect that well with different people. I remember conferences where I've had a lot of interaction with people, but that's because I skipped half the workshops.
This year the balance was perfect. I learned---oh boy did I learn, and I connected with people. Hung out, visited and just plain had fun. The best of both worlds I'd say.
Okay, adding a picture late Monday night because I finally uploaded them from my camera.
Here are the F.A.I.T.H. girls Mindy, Angie and Lindi


  1. Ah, it was wonderful wasn't it? Come on September!

  2. Great photo!

    I also felt more balanced this year, although busier than ever. Somehow it felt right, except for maybe needing just a tad more rest! :)


  3. I felt more balanced too. I loved the option of having the MP3 recordings for purchase. I didn't worry that I would miss out when I planned ahead of time to buy them. Now I get all the workshops at my convenience. It'll come about 6 weeks after conference. That'll be the perfect time to revive my engines. Whoo hoo! Be prepared and buy them.