Friday, July 13, 2007

Hiding from my emotions

Some writers are fortunate enough to use stressful times in their lives to write.
I think I used to be like that, but now I find myself crippled when change creeps into my every day routine.
If a family member is sick, if finances aren't what they should be, or maybe there's a tough decision that needs to be made, I find my creative juices drain out of my toes and seep into the ground below me.
But I'm learning to overcome.
It does no good to hide from my emotions.
There's reason in writing through the bad times, writing when you don't even recognize what's going down on paper.
I'm learning that sometimes it's the good Lord looking out for me. He's draining things out of me that he couldn't use. He's waiting until I'm pliable and able to be molded and used for His purpose.
For some this may be a scary thing.
But I'm learning it's freeing.
It's not just me floating like a wilted leaf in this stream of life. His waters run strong and carry me on His wondrous journey.


  1. Christy,
    This is a wonderful post. It fits with several of the speakers here at the RWA conference. They talk about that same issue. You are right on track to take this topic on:-)

    Wendy, Lindi says scroll down and you'll see a photo of her on Wednesday's Literacy Signing:-) She's really here.


  2. It is hard when you're totally distracted. I still need to learn how to sit down and write even through those times, because we're never going to find the perfect time or the perfect mood or the perfect inspiration. So we have to just write through it.

    Thanks for the reminder, Christy!