Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Match the Dessert to the Author Game

Left to right: Lindi, Terri, Mindy, Missy, Cheryl, Janet, Debby, Darlene, Debra, Angie

If you could choose a dessert for one of these authors, which would it be and why? (It's just pure fun.)

Who would be the chocolate torte person? Who would be cheesecake? Who would be complex confection? Who would be be chocolate with raspberry? Who would be chocolate cup filled with mousse? What about the banana parfait? Or the warm brownie ala mode? Exotic flan? Would anyone choose the same as another? Who would forego dessert? Is there someone you think would rather just have a scoop of ice cream?

Ah, choices. Come play.

I'd order __________ and be a very satisfied creature that night, lol. I think Mindy would order the chocolate torte, Missy the cheesecake, Terri might order the mousse, Lindi might do the brownie ala mode, Cheryl the chocolate with raspberry, Janet the banana parfait, Debby might order the flan, and Darlene might too. But I think Debra would go without.

How did I do? Anyone else want to guess? Of course, you might find us all in Mindy and my room eating that magnificent chocolate cake from the FHL mini conference.



  1. Not sure about the chocolate torte. I'd be more inclined to choose the cheesecake. Maybe the flan, depending on how exotic it was. Thank goodness we didn't have time (or room) to think about dessert.
    About that cake though, maybe we should start a tradition. Dessert party in our room at ACFW, perhaps?

  2. Great picture of all of you, and really great pic of that cheesecake! Yum-Yum. :)

  3. Everyone looks like they are having such a great time. The desserts look yummy!

    I think I remember Missy talking about how much she likes chocolate, right?

  4. That picture turned out great, Ang. You are such the photographer. I think you are the official F.A.I.T.H. historian. Agreed ladies?
    And allt he desserts look fabulous, don't they?

  5. I'd have to choose anything with a brownie in it. I think I could eat half a pan all by myself. :)


  6. Great picture!

    I think I'd sample a little of everything. Why discriminate?

  7. Well, to be totally honest, I would guess that Cousin Lindi ate them all !!!

  8. I will admit to wanting the replica of the restaurant!
    Or I'd share the pan of brownies with Missy, lol.