Saturday, July 28, 2007

Only 54 Days Left!

We only have 54 days left until the ACFW Conference in Dallas, TX. That means if you haven't signed up and you want to go, now is the the time to register.

Sept. 20-23, 2007

While I've never been to an ACFW conference, I have been to plenty of other writing conferences. Therefore, I have an idea of what to expect, but what I'm most looking forward to is the Christian fellowship, and the gathering together of worshipers who uphold and glorify Christ.

Most of the writers' conferences I've been to were secular. Outside of the basic workshops, luncheons and dinners, there were a lot of meetings and smoozing that took place in the hotel bars, late night cottail parties, and a lot of things I chose not to participate in. My prayers took place alone before my editor and agent appointments. At ACFW, I'll have prayer partners with me. Looking back I was always uncomfortable, never fit in, and I didn't belong. I DO belong in ACFW. I DO belong at this conference. And I praise God that I will finally be where I belong - with other writers, editors, and agents who love Christ and want to glorify Him through their work and with their daily walk.

A lot of things take place before the conference in order to pull these events off. Therefore, I'm already in the process of making a few comparisons to other writers' conferences I've attended. The Publicity Committee is busy getting the word out and setting up these conference blogs. The Genesis contest for unpublished writers was underway months ago, finalists have been announced, and now final judging is taking place. Excitement is beginning to build.

As a first time attendee, like Christy, I've signed up for the First Timers Orientation and I'm on the email listserv. We're getting familiar with other ACFW members so we'll know a few people by name before we arrive.

At registration, you are required to go ahead and select your workshops. Other conferences I've attended didn't do this. As a result, some sessions filled up quickly, and they closed them because the rooms were full. This is aggravating when you paid hundreds of dollars to attend the conference, hundreds more on hotel and airfare and you can't even get into the sessions you want to attend. ACFW has taken a proactive approach that will eliminate this issue, or at least, limit it.

Also, at registration, you may sign up for editor and agent appointments. I'm thrilled that ACFW has so many Christian agents and editors who are acquiring Christian fiction. I'm used to going to conferences where only one or two Christian publishers are available. ACFW allows you to choose one agent and editor, or you can ask for two editors instead of an agent. Don't you know I jumped on the two editor appointments? You can get an agent to review your query or proposal without meeting them at a conference, but it is ten times harder to get an editor to look at your material without having met them or going through an agent. By the time you wait on an agent's response, you could have missed this opportunity. My motto is go for the door when it's open.

The bottom line is this, I haven't even made it to the ACFW Conference, and I'm already impressed. If you haven't, go register. This is a wonderful opportunity. The door is still open.


  1. Excellent advice:-) And I get to be your roomie, yay!

  2. Now I'm wondering if I should've signed up for 2 editors instead of 1 of each. Wonder if it's too late... probably :)

    Oh well, it's in God's hands anyway...