Thursday, July 5, 2007

Preparing for Conference Part 2

Last week I talked about prep you can do ahead of time. This week I want to talk about those last-minute panic type activities. Yes, I do that! LOL

Don't forget to save time for things like washing and dry cleaning all the clothes you want to take. You'll want to plan your wardrobe far enough ahead that you have time for the dry cleaners to have it ready. I suggest writing a list of everything you'll need. That way packing will be easier, and you won't forget a certain pair of shoes or a certain slip. Be sure that you ask around about what the dress will be for the events you'll be attending. Half the fun for me is being able to dress up for the RITA and Golden Heart awards ceremony. For this mom who lives in capri pants, tee-shirts and flip-flops, a glitzy night on the town is a lot of fun. :) But don't forget any other receptions or meetings you'll be attending. And be sure to plan for attending workshops or for editor/agent appointments. You want to be comfortable and to look your best!

Also, make sure you take comfortable shoes. "Practical" is my middle name. So I have very comfortable shoes I always take with me. And they have lower heels for the walking from conference room to conference room.

I also suggest packing a few snacks. It'll save money and will be more convenient when you're in your room, too tired to find a vending machine or to go to a restaurant.

Another thing I like to do is to take my name tag pouch with me. It has two zippered compartments. In one, I keep money or a credit card and my room key. I also store all my receipts there as I buy things. And in the other I keep tickets to events, business cards, and a tube of lipstick. :) Usually you can buy these at the conference.

And finally, my advice is to ENJOY! Conferences are fun, exciting, and a great opportunity. But be sure to pace yourself. The first year I went to a workshop during every single session and nearly wore myself out. Be sure to know when you need to rest, to have a little time in your room to recover from having to be "on" constantly. It can be hard on writers who are introverts. But hey, if you're energized by all the activity, have at it! :)

I hope this has helped!



  1. Great tips Missy. My roomie and I are planning a snack run now:-) Also, I love dressing up for the banquets too. I have a dress I bought several months ago, but haven't had the opportunity to wear it. I finally get to do it next Saturday:-D


  2. Thanks for the tips, Missy.
    But I'm wondering how I'll know how to pace myself? I've never been to one of these things before. I want to learn all I can!

    Good idea about the name tag thingy. Will definitely need to remember that one :)

  3. Do they dress up at the ACFW banquet like they do RWA's banquet? I hope so, I think its fun.

  4. Good advice, Missy.
    Jenn, there's not as many sequins at ACFW, but I still got dressy there.
    I"m struggling this year with what to take because I only want to pack one suitcase. Mind you it's a big one I borrowed from my MIL, but still, I"m trying to mix and match. The shoe thing is killing my space though. I may have to rethink that aspect.