Tuesday, July 10, 2007

RWA Week

Well, four of the FAITH girls are headed to Dallas today for the RWA National Conference. I'm sure Angie will be blogging from there tomorrow and Missy on Thursday. A week ago, I was almost dreading going, but now, the excitement is building. Especially after picking up Harlequin Superromance, Author Kay Stockham, at the airport yesterday, making a whirlwind trip to Sam Moon, and dropping her at the hotel. I can't wait!

Tomorrow is the second annual Faith, Hope & Love One-Day conference. Being local, myself, Beth Shriver and Leanna Ellis have been the coordinators and I'm pleased to say everything seems to be falling into place after months of planning. Of course, tomorrow is tomorrow. And it's in God's hand. I'm sure the enemy has some kind of attack planned to try to derail us, but God is so much bigger than that. Which brings me to another point.

Please pray for us this week. That we will be salt and light in a darkened world.

Take care, and God bless!

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