Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where are we now?

Missy is going through the conference as a new pubbed author. She is paving the way with the FAITH girls as our leader into the published arena. I'm sure we'll have tons of questions as we follow in her footsteps. We're all very proud of her. She'll have to fill you all in a little later about some of the meetings and receptions that are during the conference that her publisher invites her to attend. Stay tuned:-)

For those of you who haven't been aware of all the tools available to writers, let me mention a few.

American Christian Fiction Writer's membership

Romance Writer's of America (and it's many sub-chapters such as Faith, Hope, and Love) membership

Craft books like crazy:-) I love those.

Blogs by editors, agents, and other authors with writing tips and articles.


Online classes

Today, I'll focus on conferences. Four of the six FAITH girls are at the RWA National conference as we speak. Check out my blog to see if you might glean information for your next trip to a conference.

I've only mentioned my favorite tools. But of those, the conferences are my top of the list adventure/education. I come away so filled with knowledge. Most of all, I come away feeling like I've soaked up as much as I can hold. Then it bursts forth onto the page:-D I'll let you know if the conference inspires me like that again this year.

In the meantime, start planning for your next conference right now. They sell out fast! You need to buy your tickets, plane, and hotel quite a bit in advance. Don't let it sneak up on you because you will need time to research the agents and editors that will be in attendance.

More on my personal blog each night.


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