Friday, August 31, 2007

Busy Bumble Bee

Well, it's Friday. So that means it's my day to post.
But my brain's fried from making business cards (!!!).
The countdown is on and while I'll have no trouble packing my bags, there may not be a decent story to pitch. All is well in my world, everyone is healthy, but the creative juices are failing once again.
I'm wide awake at 4 am, but decide I need more time to sleep (WHAT?)
For a mom of a toddler, that should be my blinking spot light saying - get upstairs and write!!!!
I ate a Snickers bar for breakfast this morning and grabbed my camera. If I can't think straight, or need some direction, I head out to see what I can find. Today, my daughter and I ventured to our back yard and I was given a reminder of God's wonderful creation.
I don't know what type flower this is, but the bees certainly love it.
Every morning, they're buzzing around, doing whatever it is they do.
I know I learned about this in biology, but it's been a long time since high school or college classes. If any one knows, I'm curious to know the technical term. (Is it pollination?)

There are 2 bees in this picture. Can you find them?

This little guy is hanging on for dear life. He probably thinks I'm about to swat him. No way would I do that. I'm enjoying the show too much.

Well, I felt better with the pictures. I don't know if you find this interesting, but I was just pleased I had something to post today, even if the day is already half over. (sigh!)

Now, my direction is clear. The house is a mess. Those business cards for conference took forever. My normal duties suffered. I don't know what I'll do in January when I go back to work. But I can't worry about that right now. At the moment, the vacuum is coming out of the closet and is going to get to work on these floors. And then, on to dusting!


  1. Vaccuming? Dusting? Sheesh. . .you'll find any excuse not to write, won't you? Twinkie, I'm gonna have to duck tape you to your chair and then make sure there are no scissors or knives in sight. The Big Guy has something he wants to say through you, and you're not letting Him. Now get busy.

  2. I know, I know!

    Someone, please slap some sense into me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yuk! Housecleaning? Don't you know that's why we're writers. We don't clean.
    When people come by it goes something like
    "Oh, well, you'll have to excuse the house. I got on a roll with my chapter and haven't come up for air yet."

    So, please, retract the dusting and any mention of vacuums....

    The pictures are great. And I have no idea what kind of flowers they are.