Saturday, August 4, 2007

Keep Believing....

My digital camera died right before we went to Disney in June. So I can't show you pictures of the messy, cluttered office I share with my husband. Then I realized that my writing space is anywhere I can find time and includes whatever resources I have available at that time. My photos would include one of our desktops, my laptop, and my notebook and pen. It would show photos of what we call the Computer Room, my bedroom, the living room, my dining room, the back patio where a bench sits, my car, the park, uptown places in Charlotte where I can find a seat between outside office buildings on my lunch hour.

When I have the energy, I haul my laptop around and write on it during my lunch hour at work, and on trips in the car. If I don't feel like carrying it, I have a bag with my notes, my notebook, and a particular pen I like to write with. I later type it in on the desktop. I piece my manuscript together from desktop, laptop, handwritten papers. I've learned to tune out TV, husband, my daughter's whining, her friends running through the house, the dog barking at every person walking up and down the street, and every cat that roams through our yard.

I've gotten so effective at this that I don't even hear the doorbell or phone ring at work. I'm considered part of the Senior Staff, but if the Receptionist, Secretary, or Financial Assistant is out, I'm supposed to grab the phone or door if I'm available. Guess what, I rarely hear it because I've spent a lifetime of tuning people, background noise, and things out. It was the only way I could get my homework completed as a child, and apparently the only way I can get my manuscripts written as an adult.

I've learned to adapt, but this long-suffering is getting old. I call it long-suffering because the Bible uses it as an example of a fruit of love and I love to write. As Angie mentioned in another post, we writers will do anything to write. Yet, I long for my own "special place" to write. I long for my own "special time" to write. Preferably, I prefer this to be during the day and not the wee morning hours before dawn since that is the only time available where I'm not "stealing" time from my family and I'm not required to be working at my place of employment. I long to have my own "special computer" that I use and not hubby.

God may have a different plan that I don't know about, but I envision a new dream home where I have my own room to decorate as my office. I don't have to work so I have plenty of time to write during the day. And since I'm writing during the day, I don't have interruptions because hubby is at work, my daughter is at school with her friends, and the phone can go to the answering machine. Is this a dream? Maybe not, if I keep believing.....


  1. Hey Jenn, could you teach me that trick--tuning out television, hubby, and most importantly, whining kids?

  2. You're on the right track. Keep believing, keep the faith, keep praying.

  3. How well you speak for all of us. I long for those things too. I want to write full time, but a family owned business keeps tugging me away. But, I do believe that we are supposed to do this or it wouldn't burn within. And burn it does.

  4. I'm exactly the same way. I tune everything out. Chaos can run rampant all around me, and I'll be in my own little fictional world. :)

    My husband tells the kids that they have to get right in my face and make sure I'm looking at them to make sure I've heard them. LOL So he's got me all figured out.

    I long for an office, too, Jenn. I really want the dining room so I'll be right near the hub of the family (the kitchen and family room). I may take it over someday, but right now one end of the table holds all the stuff from my Mary Kay business, and the other end holds all my school papers from my teaching job. I still can't figure out how to make it work.