Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Letting Go

Like it or not, there comes a time in the life of every parent when we must let our little birdies fly away. Occasionally, the parents have to push their baby out of the nest, while others would be just as content to continue caring for their babies a bit longer.

Myself and three of my FAITH sisters are faced with that challenge right now. Lindi is planning a wedding for her daughter, Angie brokenheartedly watched hers go half way around the world last week, Missy is struggling as her oldest flexes his independent muscles in preparation of heading off to college next year, and I find myself biting my tongue a lot as my youngest daughter prepares to leave for college in a couple of weeks.

Proverbs tells us, "train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." Yet, we do not want to let go of the control we have over them. Why is that? Are we worried that as soon as their on their own, they'll forget everything they've ever learned? That they'll make bad choices?

I think the latter of those questions is the one we worry about most. And, unfortunately, by the time they do leave the nest, there's not a whole lot we, as parents, have control over. They're adults, as they so graciously reminded me at my daughter's college orientation. I don't even have the right to know what her grades are unless she chooses to share them with me. And I'm footing the bill. How unfair is that?

Think back on when it was your turn to fly. Did you make mistakes? Yes. That's probably what scares us the most. But how much more rebellious would you have been or felt had your parents held you back? Doesn't our Heavenly Father give us a free will? Doesn't He allow us to stumble, even fall on occasion?

I've been doing the Beth Moore Bible Study "Believing God." She made an interesting statement. We run our race well not by refusing to wrestle but by keeping the faith. Why is it we choose to just lay there and cry uncle so much of the time? As if we've been defeated. When we can have such victory with only a mustard seed of faith.

Have faith in your children. Have faith in God.

How great is our God,
Sing with me,
How great is our God
and all will see how great, how great
is our God.


  1. Great post, Mindy.

    I'm sure my daughter's college days will be here before I can take a breath. I can't imagine what you three are going through now.

    And I love that song...
    I'm singing now, hands in the air, glad y'all can't hear my out of tune voice, but I'm singing!

  2. So true, Mindy. I'm hoping my son's trip to Africa will help me start to let him go. Ever since he was in about 8th grade, he started telling me I have to let him live his life. :) So now, it looks like I may actually have to do that (unless I plan to pack up and follow him to college.) :)

    Luckily, I have a year left. But I've been weepy all week as I went to the school to get his schedule and pay his senior dues while he's gone. I have to trust that God will take care of him, and I have to turn over that control to Him.

    I'll be thinking about you over the next couple of weeks, Mindy! How far away is she going?


  3. Mindy,
    First of all I love the song...How great is our God.! He is great!
    And yes, these kids keep our minds occupied. I also have a son we just moved 140 miles away to college.....Sending him sheets by mail tomorrow because he assured me he had them, but when all was said and done I left his apt with his bed covered with 2 comforters. No sheets.
    But, he didn't care....
    I think we should get our parents to comment on this post. Now that we're older, do they still worry?
    Does it every stop?