Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Office Ergonomics

So you have to sit at a desk all day. But your wrists start to burn and your leg falls asleep. Then on top of that, you start to gain a few pounds because you don't have all the time in the world to excercise. What do you do?

Here's part of the solution: Office ergonomics.

Pick out your office furniture to match the height you need to work comfortable. Then fill in with "smart" tools. Like this padded wrist mouse pad.

I have an ergonomic keyboard on a bi-level desk. Bi-level helps me to hold my head at a much healthier angle. It saves me trips to the chiropractor. Of course, not jumping with bunji bands down at Riverfront Park would have been a better idea!

Uh huh, uh huh! I got whiplash!!!

My desk is 29" high. It helps, sigh.

The perfect height for my 65 cm excercise ball. I do excercise:-D I actually have two balls. The one I sit (bounce a lot) on at my computer and another 45 cm ball that I can get on the floor and stretch or do excercise with right in my studio.

Obviously, there's nothing expensive or elegant about where I write. (Mindy's coming someday to solve that, lol.) But what I needed was privacy and comfort in a very, very busy home. We have three office areas in our home because we run a heating business and my writing/modeling/speaking business here.

Our secretary has the main office with the phones, mainframe computer, file cabinets, and fax. The secondary office is another desk area created in half of a daylight basement. This computer and desk area are open for three other people to use as needed.

The third office area is only just being put together. This is the place I need to go to create. I guess you could say I'm creating my creative place:-) Because it is a spare bedroom while my daughter is an exchange student this year, I've made it collapsable. The desk has two levels. It allows me to sit comfortably and to use my laptop without scrunching up my hands and wrists. (Last week was excruciating trying to type all day on my 13" laptop.) After that experience, I had to do something or I couldn't continue. And I HAVE to continue. Writing is my passion!

Crucial to productive work at a computer all day-regular breaks! When I need a break from writing, Louie, one of my trusty, loyal office assistants visits to play ball!

PS If you want to know why the office chair is beside the desk with a pillow on it? You'll have to go see my personal blog for a mini tour of my office. You might catch me doing some book reviews, synchronized swimming, and generally having a good time visiting there with you too.


  1. I have a green exercise ball. Sometimes I take my laptop with me somewhere and write. It also disciplines me from Internet. (hehe) You'd think I was addicted or something.

  2. Angie,
    I think a mobile office is a great idea. We just cleaned our office out, so right now I have a great space to write. But I do need a good chair. The one I have now is wooden and my behind gets numb at times if I sit too long.
    But I'm thinking I need Mindy also.

  3. Love the exercise ball. However, I'd be afraid that once my boys discovered it, I'd never see it again. Remember the Hoppity Horse toys? Mmm, hmm. Come to think of it, I'd have fun with that, too :-)
    Seating is big deal. I used to get the most excruciating back aches. Hubby couldn't have given me a better gift. Though goodness knows I dropped enough hints.

  4. I love your doggy, Angie!

    Thanks for a glimpse into your office.

    Lindi, my chair upstairs is hard too. Usually I just stand and write, and if I'm up there long enough I'll sit for a while and then stand somemore. I have the "behind numbing" problem too. LOL!

  5. Ever since I got a my first laptop, I never again wrote downstairs in my basement office (the dungeon). I do all my writing sitting on the couch with my feet propped up on the coffee table. :)

    I can't imagine an ergonomic keyboard, either! I've put my hands on them and thought that I'd never be able to type a thing.

    You have a nice setup, Angie! Thanks for sharing.


  6. I really want to come for a visit! (but of course that won't be happening anytime soon)

    you look like you had a good time at that park! :) I think my kids would love to hang out with you too, (even though they are shy) Sonyia :)