Friday, August 17, 2007

Spiritual Gifts

During Wednesday night Bible study at church we are studying 16 Spiritual Gifts.

Once everyone in the class has determined what their spiritual gift is, and each of us have shared what we think each other's gift is, we are planning to take action in the church based on our gift.

Recently, I completed an 86-question tool to help determine what my spiritual gift is, considering 12 of the spiritual gifts. I answered the questions with a rank of 1-5. (Number one - the statement is never like me, and, Number five - the statement is very characteristic of me.)

I scored highest in the spiritual gift of Faith (score of 4.7).
The next highest was Teaching (score of 3.7)

(Good thing teaching was high up there since I'm one of the Sunday school teachers this year!)

The remaining ten spiritual gifts (Leadership, Knowledge, Wisdom, Prophecy, Exhortation, Shepherding, Evangelism, Apostleship, Miracles, Spiritual Discernment.) seemed to be clumped together with scores between 3.2 and 2. My lowest scoring spiritual gift (a score of 1.8) is Spiritual Discernment.

When I finally kicked back and thought about my scores, I feel that my score is accurate and true to me. It will be interesting to find out what others in the church think of me and my gifts. But I can clearly see, in the way I handle issues of life and considering the majority of my thoughts and prayers, that I am a Faith-filled child of God.

I'll share the most obvious test of faith, out of my many desires of life, and that's WRITING.

I'll bet each of my Faith Sisters, if they were to take the test, would score high in Faith. I joke to people who aren't writers, when they ask me: How's your writing going? When are you going to publish a book? - (They say it like it must be so easy, like I can go through the drive through
at my favorite publisher, pull up to their "order your novel in print" window, hand them over my entire manuscript and then say:

Me: "Yes, I'd like this manuscript published, and I'd like it to be a best seller. What's that?

(Imagine the publisher's drive through tech is talking)

Me again: "You're giving away free 3-book deals today? Well, uh, sure! I guess I'd
be interested in that!"

I like to answer my non-writer friends with this answer - "I'll probably be 90 before I'm published, but it's going well!

Do you hear the Faith element in this statement? I'm optimistic that it's in God's plan for me to be published! I may be ninety, or it may be in a magazine, or maybe it'll be a one time deal, or maybe, when I'm 90 I can say I've published over a 100 books (I've got less than 60 years to work on this, so I'd better get to work!) but I know I will be published.

I always revert everything back to writing, which is what I was doing when I was going through those 86 statements on the questionnaire. But I will share with you that one of the statements asked if I believed God could work a miracle in an impossible situation. To be honest with you, when I answered this statement with a 5, my thoughts were NOT on Writing!

YES! He is the Almighty. He is I AM! If He can't do it - NO ONE can!!


  1. Like you, Christy, everything in my world reverts back to writing. It's that whole eating, breathing, sleeping it concept. And yes, you're right; other people do ask about our writing as if it's as simple as picking up the phone to get published. If only! But we'll make it. All of us. Right girls?

  2. Thanks Mindy,

    But that drive through or easy phone call would be nice!

  3. Christy,

    Have you ever thought about writing humor? You are so funny. I love your posts.
    And yes, I'd love a drive through writing window....extra good reviews with that please, oh yes and up-size the advance.

    I wonder how long the drive through line would be?

  4. LOL!

    Okay, Lindi - if I write comedy, how about you consider collaborating on that with me!

    Love your response!

  5. Such a cute post, Christy. I second what Lindi said--you need to be writing humor! :)

    I've done a survey like that study before. Teaching was one of my tops ones as well. My lowest was hospitality. :( I can't remember where the rest fit in. It was years ago.