Sunday, August 5, 2007

Upcoming interview with Allison Bottke-what else is happening with the FAITH girls this week?

Howdy Hi Everyone,

What's happening in your world?

I hear we've been a bit busy this week on our manuscripts. How great! I've set myself a schedule of 1300 words a day for the next 47 days. It's great some days...I have done over 3200 words this week. But on high strain days, it's rough. Still, I'm moving ahead on What She Didn't Know. My plan is to have it ready for the ACFW Conference in September. In the meantime, I've prepared 2 interviews with Allison Bottke, sent my daughter to Thailand, and started my synchronized swimming series on my own blog. I feel very accomplished this week!

How are all of you doing?

Gentle readers? What is spinning in your whirlwind lives this week?



  1. I finally wrote a new opening for my first ms. I've known it needed to be redone, just wasn't sure how or where to start. Thanks to a brainstorming session with Christy, I plodded through the first draft.
    This week, I'm preparing for my first speaking engagement. Yikes! I'll be speaking on Deep POV to the DFW Ready Writers, my local ACFW chapter. Coming in on the heels of DiAnn Mills, Kathleen Y'Barbo, and Louise Gouge, I've got my work cut out for me. All I can say is, PRAY!

  2. Mindy,

    I know you'll do great. And congrats on getting that first chapter revised. How awesome.
    Let us know how everything goes.

  3. Mindy, I agree with Lindi. You'll do great.

    The last two weeks are running together in my mind. I've written a little over 5,000 words on my WIP. I've been reading "How to Write and Sell a Christian Fiction Novel" and critiquing chapters from my critique group. I also updated my website.

  4. I haven't updated in a while. I've been on a roll on my wip (just past the halfway point), and it's mostly all been written since National. So that's a great pace for me. :)

    I stopped on Friday, though, to work on copy edits. I just finished tonight. There weren't many changes at all! This will be my last look at the book before it got to print, so it's really exciting!! :)

    Also, I'm thrilled for Lindi for finaling in the Maggie!!!! Congrats, Lindi!!!!!!!


  5. Congratulations, Lindi!

    About a day after my brainstorming session with Mindy, I got back to work on my WIP. I'd been reviewing notes from a contest entry and my critique partner's review, so everything was sinking in.

    Through the weeks and months of writing what I thought wasn't working, I cut my prologue to a one page bare bones, reorganized chapter one, started chapter two at a different place, wrote a new scene for chapter three, revised a scene that slipped in at the end of 3 and then added chapter 4. All of this was from stuff I'd written and filed away, thinking it wasn't working. And it wasn't working where I had it.
    All of those changes and additions brought my WIP from approx 2300 words to
    11,200 words!

    Then the weekend happened and (sigh) I didn't get anything more written.
    But I will be back to it. I've got momentum now!