Thursday, August 23, 2007

Upcoming Workshop

Lindi and I will be presenting a workshop at the Moonlight and Magnolias Conference in Atlanta in September. We'll also be presenting it as the program for our monthly American Christian Fiction Writers local chapter meeting. The title of our program/workshop is Trials, Tribulations and the Occasional Triumph: Battling the Nearly-Published "Blahs."

Are you getting more requests from editor and agents? Has an editor shown interest in your work? Are you getting "good" rejections? And even better, requests for revisions? If you are, then you're probably at the nearly-published stage, a stage that can be filled with frustrations and disappointment.

In our workshop, we'll be talking about ways to stay motivated and upbeat and suggest ways to stretch the occasional triumph to see you through until you make that first sale. We'll present some ideas we've come up with--things we've used ourselves. But I would love to hear any other suggestions you might have. If you're still pre-published, then what works for you? If you're published, try to remember what you did to help you through this hard part of the journey--the nearly-published "blahs."

I look forward to your ideas!

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