Friday, August 17, 2007

Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

Something must be up because engagements and weddings are in the F.A.I.T.H. Girls' families. My sister is engaged. Lindi's daughter just got engaged. Angie's son just got engaged. Now the fun begins!

Today I'm hosting my sister's bridal shower. I hope my sister is happy and all goes well for her. Be blessed, in helping with the planning and letting your children go into this next stage in life. May the Lord keep them and bless them with his godly wisdom.


  1. Have a fun bridal shower. I love weddings because they are all about LOVE!

  2. Something I think is important: let the bride make the decisions. I'm trying really hard to be a good girl:-) I ask my future daughter-in-law before I do anything. I hope this sets a precedent of a great relationship. I want to honor her dreams and not demand my own. I had my chance on my own wedding. I want her to have the wedding she's dreamed of for so long.

    So, as a new mother of the groom, I promise to be her support system and not an iron-fisted, demanding in-law. (I hope I can do that:-D )


  3. Good luck, Angie. I'm sure you'll be a wonderful in-law - and that goes for Lindi and Jennifer too!

  4. Okay, there better not be anything in the FAITH water, because my oldest is only 17 and better not be thinking of an engagement! LOL