Monday, August 27, 2007

Where Would We Go?

This post may go along somewhat with Jenn's post from Saturday. I was at the beach for the most part of last week with people I work with. Our boss owns a beach house and once a year he takes the controllers of his dealerships to the beach (his wife goes also) and we have a sort of team building few days. We relax, we have theme nights, we play games, eat good food and get to know each other better since we now represent 3 states.
The mornings are usually free. I had one morning where I could have easily spent 3+ hours writing. I have a requested proposal.
I couldn't write.
Alone, with my computer, book in progress, someone waiting to see it, and nothing would come to me.
I was extremely frustrated. After a while, I shut my computer and wondered what I was doing. Should I even be doing this? How crazy was the scenario?
Well, that was Thursday morning.
Friday morning, I grabbed my coffee and my computer. I didn't have as long Friday morning because we were leaving at 10 to go somewhere.
So at about 8 or so, I was in the bed, coffee on the nightstand and computer on the lap. I decided I would write-no matter what came on the page.
I started with a very lame sentence, and it turned into another lame sentence and so on.
I had to make myself shut the computer off to get ready to go.
Saturday morning, I ended up writing 12 pages, I think. I got to the end of where my proposal would be. I found out a lot about my hero.
Now I need to go back, change those lame sentences, fix my last line and brush up the synopsis.
Then it's ready to send. I love the way the characters are unfolding.
Like Jenn said, we have to write.
I think of John 6---when Jesus is teaching and the people leave saying the teachings are too hard. Jesus asks his disciples, are you going to leave, too? They say, where would we go?
Where would we go without our writing? Without Jesus?
I don't want to find out.


  1. LOVE this, Lindi! How many times have we all done exactly what you described? We have to push past the fear and just write. Yet so many times we won't allow ourselves to do it unless we write perfectly. You were very wise to just let those lame sentences be and move on. Way to go!

  2. Yay, Lindi! I'm so glad you got the proposal finished!

    And I love the tie in of John 6. I'll go read it now.


  3. Thanks for your post Lindi~

    I, too, will check out John 6. I don't think I've read that portion of the book.

    What do you think it is that makes us think we can't write? When blessed with those precious moments of time, what is it that makes us pause, that seems to turn our brains off?

    My answer is - We listen to that evil spirit that fell from Heaven long ago.

    We need to start telling that evil to get out!

  4. Great insight Lindi. I've never thought of that verse in that context before. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the responses. Mindy, we do have to push past the fear.
    Missy and Christy--I LOVE that part of John.
    Jenn--don't you love that we can read the same thing and get different insights and meanings? Then we can share them. And everybody grows.
    God is soooooo good!!!