Friday, August 3, 2007

Your Office: The Do's and Don'ts

The DO's:

1. Put your office upstairs if structurally possible.
Exercise is good, every little bit.

2. Buy a sturdy bookshelf. Organization is key. Having it downstairs also includes more exercise into your day.

3. Be sure your chair is comfortable and your desk is ergonomically correct. This one is downstairs and I use it half the time I'm writing. I use this desk 100% of the time when I'm on the Internet. (Unfortunately, I'm here most of my writing time.)

4. A good computer is key. Here I'm displaying how I've improved my office ergonomics - as Angie mentioned on Wednesday's blog. The boxes lift my laptop to a position that is friendlier to my wrists and fingers. No carpal tunnel for me!

The DONT's:

1. I wouldn't advise covering a fuse ball table and using it as a desk.

2. I also don't advise using this type of chair when planning to be at said Laptop for several hours through the day. (It causes this terrible syndrome called "butt-numbing irritation")

However, placing your laptop on said fuse ball table and sliding uncomfortable chair over gives said author a chance to stand while she writes, thus, adding more calorie burning opportunities to her day :)

I just love finding the silver lining to every dark cloud! Hope you've enjoyed my humorous reality. In truth, I'm thankful to have two places to write. Two computers. I am very blessed. But don't you agree I need Mindy Obenhaus' Interior Design help? Yes, I do too. The task: How to compromise Hubby's upstairs game room into Christy's Creative Writing space? Office Makeover - here I come!


  1. Christy,
    I think Mindy should visit us all! (Excpet Angie maybe because she has the roving office and can visit Mindy!--with her office!)
    Ang I agree about the excersie thing. I sit all day at the job and then sit at night or in the morning when I write.
    Hmmmmmmmm. I sit in the car while driving to said job.
    Oh, well.

  2. LOL about the sitting/exercise. I remember on of the keynotes at RWA talking about how she works her butt "on".
    Christy, I LOVE the downstairs desk. I would kill for that much room to spread stuff out. If the internet is a problem, click that little button that says "work offline." Then you won't have to worry about emails and such distracting you.
    I'd be happy to make the rounds, helping everyone redo their offices. Just say when. Oh, and send me a plane ticket:-)

  3. P.S. At our house, hubby has the upstairs office, I have the downstairs office. We email each other:-)

  4. LOL! Christy, this is an awesome post! I think it is amazing what we writers will do to write. If only the public knew :-D

    Seriously, I really enjoyed this post. Keep it up. You can always say you wrote "outside the box" hehehe.


  5. Hi All,
    I'm typing from the downstairs desk right now. And thanks for the advice, Mindy, but just because I clicked "offline" doesn't stop my hand to click right back online!

    Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to get those creative juices flowing. There's something about taking my coffee, be it 6 am or 3 pm upstairs and feel like I'm in my own world.

    I'm considering buying a collapseable desk. Or at least something lightweight to hold the laptop and give me a more ergonomic place to sit. Saw one at walmart for $40. I'm thinking about it.

    Hey Angie - where'd you get yours?

    Loved your comments, ladies! Thanks!

  6. I'm still cracking up about the butt numbing chair! LOL

    Isn't it amazing what we'll do for our writing? Okay. I may have to break down and take a photo of my workspace for my post on Thursday. It will be humiliating, though. It's a mess! (Of course, I know where everything is, so it's a controlled mess.)