Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ACFW Conference Week

It's finally here. After months of planning, weeks of choosing clothes and laying out one sheets, the ACFW Conference has finally arrived. However, there is one last bit of preparation that needs to take place. Really it's been going on all along. Now it just seems more necessary than ever. Prayer.

The Bible says that Satan roams the earth. And I can tell you he's been making pit stops with lots of ACFW members lately. He is on the attack big time. Illness, injuries, raising doubt, and causing pain. In my crit group alone, it's been on thing after another. Yesterday on the loop, I saw where someone had to be rushed to the hospital.

Jesus said that wherever two or more are gathered in His name, He'll be there, also. There will be hundreds of us gathering in Dallas. I think God has big things in store. And the enemy is doing everything in his power to stop it.

Friends, please join me in fervent prayer. Travel mercies and health for those attending. Anointing for those speaking. And for the power of God to be unleashed like never before.

I'm expecting great things from this conference. Missy, Lindi, we'll miss you. You'll definitely be with us in spirit. And don't worry, you know we'll keep you up to date with all the goings on. Until then . . .


  1. You are right on with this post, Mindy. As you all know, the enemy hangs around my turf quite often. I'm packing light to be sure he doesn't accompany me to Dallas.

    Here's an update from me already. My daughter's had a cold the last couple of days, so of course, I now have it. I'll be praying for this conference, for the attendees that I do know and don't know. I'll also be praying for some sinus healing for myself.

    And I'll be praying for my roomie that she won't catch what I've got, if I end up bringing it with me.

  2. Well, your roomie is recooperating from last week's chest cold. Hopefully you can stand her constant coughing.

  3. I'll be praying all is well with all. I know it'll be great.
    Bring back lots of memories, and pictures.

  4. Celina has been complaining for two days that she feels like she has a fever. Every time I check her temperature though, there's no fever. I'm beginning to think it's sinus/hay fever. I know she'll be in good hands with her father. It helps that she's now a little older. Hope you both get to feeling better. See you Thursday!