Thursday, September 20, 2007

ACFW Send-off Prayer

Today's the day conference starts! Even as I'm disappointed not to be there, I'm excited for the opportunity for the rest of the faith girls and many other writing friends to take part. Lindi and I will be thinking of you this week! I know I'll be checking in on blogs to see how it's going. In the meantime, I'd like to offer a prayer for the conference...

Dear God,
We ask that You hold all those who are traveling today in your arms. Keep them safe and help them arrive as planned. Comfort those who have fear of flying, and those who may fear being in crowds or meeting new people. Conferences can be stressful, Lord. We ask that You'll give calm spirits. We also ask that You'll be with each attendee who is meeting with an editor or agent. Help her to do her best and to present her story ideas clearly. We also pray for the editors and agents. Surely some of them get nervous as well, or get tired from all the meetings. Help calm them and give them energy and excitement for the projects they'll hear about. Guide them as they make decisions about the stories they'll publish or the stories they'll represent.

Lord, we thank You for the opportunity for a conference just for Christian writers. Thank You for the love that'll abound. Thank You for Your presence there even as I write. And most of all, thank You for loving us and for Your Son, Jesus Christ.



  1. It meant the world to me that you prayed for us.
    Thank you,