Monday, September 3, 2007

All in God's time

The other night at our local ACFW meeting I was talking with Amy Wallace. She is incredibly insightful and patient. By patient, I mean she has told me things more than once, but sometimes I'm a little slow and it takes me a while to "get" it. And by things I mean writing things, concepts, ideas, thought processes, just ways to make the ms work.
We got to talking about God and God's timing, and so I pose a question.

How do people in this business, that don't rely on God, handle this?

The rejections, the frustrations, the disappointments?

God's grace, timing and faithfulness amaze me. Totally amaze me. And sometimes it's the only reason I keep writing. I know if I'm called, in His time, the ms will sell, the idea will come, the perfect ending sentence will be typed on the page just as He wills it.

I have to do my part. The book isn't going to write itself. But if I'm faithful to do my part, pray, write, take good advice, and make connections, He will make it happen.

So in the midst of the strife of this writing life, I do find peace. But only through the knowledge of God.

There is a song, Jesus, Lover of My Soul sung by Shelley Nirider Jennings, composed by Paul Oakley that starts like this:

"It's all about you, Jesus.
And all this is for You,
for Your glory and Your fame.
It's not about me
as if You should do things my way.
You alone are God and I surrender
to Your ways."

We have to remember He is the author and creator of our lives. He cares about us.
He loves us.

So all this that we do---we do for You.


  1. Amen, sister! I love, love, love this post, Lindi. You are so right in everything you said. I, too, have often wondered how people handle the criticism and rejectons without God to lean on. Not to mention everything else life throws at us. Guess that's why we need to be sharing :-)

  2. I don't know how people handle this kind of business with God absent in their lives. I've heard so many writers, quote other writers - about dealing with rejection - and usually the phrase given to lift people up has to do with self medication.

    I guess that's why so many people have started their own religions. People want peace, so they look for it from within, or they look for it in an idol. All they have to do is look around them, at the good and precious things in life. God is everywhere. Christians have an inner peace, but its the Holy Spirit.

    Faith in God is also about having faith in something you can't see. Most people these days want something tangible instantly. If money can't buy it, they probably aren't interested. They want a miracle, but don't have the faith to believe in the One True God.

    Amy is such an inspirational person. If anyone doesn't know her, here's her website & blog:

  3. Thanks for posting Amy's info, Christy. I probably should have done that in my post.
    And you are right. People are looking for something--and it's right in front of their faces---look at it people!!

    And Mindy, you're right too--we need to be sharing. God didn't give us this to keep for ourselves. We need to let people know how great our God is--and what He can do for you.

  4. Amen, Lindi! It's all about Jesus. I think if we kept that truth at the forefront, we'd save ourselves a lot of angst and stress.

    I'm waiting patiently for those three chapters... ;-)

  5. PS: Thanks so much to you and Christy for your kind words and for sharing my links. You guys are part of the reason I thank God for allowing me to be a writer.

  6. Amy,
    Thanks for coming by. And you are an inspiration. I'mvery glad God allowed you to be a writer.
    And the three chapters will be sent this week.