Sunday, September 23, 2007

And the winner is...

At the ACFW Conference this week in Dallas, Jennifer Hudson-Taylor walks away with her two awards in the Genesis Writing Contest!

This is Jennifer and her agent, Terry Burns from Hartline Agency.

Four of the FAITH Girls celebrate Jenn's win. Left to right: Christy, Jennifer, Angie, and Mindy. We so missed Missy and Lindi!

Jenness Walker and her writing partner, Tracy Bowne, are from the critique group Jennifer and I (Angie) are in called the Word Weavers. We are so proud of their 3rd place win in the Genesis! They are chick/lady lit authors. The pretty lady in between them is Tamela Hancock-Murray, an agent with Hartline and an author too!

If you'd like more photos and posts about the ACFW Conference, please visit Angie's personal blog at: or the ACFW website at: :-D

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  1. Everybody is gorgeous!! And congrats to Jenn!!

    I can't wait to hear everyone's stories and experiences.

    F.A.I.T.H. girls rock!!

  2. God has blessed me with such wonderful and supportive faith sisters. Thank you, Angie for posting this. You amaze me at all the things you're able to accomplish.

    Yesterday after I got off the plane, my daughter didn't let me out of her sight all afternoon. My husband said he tried to keep her busy, but he thinks she really discovered how much she missed me when she saw me. It's good to be home, but now I'm getting nervous at sending in my requested proposals. I received two requests from one of my FAVORITE publishers. I'm so excited! I need to take a step back and breathe.

  3. I'm feeling the same way about the proposals. Trying to set out a schedule like Chip MacGregor taught, and plan for getting out all 9 requests. I do not know how it will all work, but I believe this was a divine appointment for me.


  4. How cool, ladies! What a great bunch of requests!!

    Now get working! :)