Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Conference Wear Part Deaux

A couple of weeks ago, my FAITH sister, Angie, talked about what to wear to ACFW conference. Today, I'd like to take that one step further and focus on accessories. After all, you can have the greatest outfit in the world, but without accessories, it's like a book without a cover.

Accessories, jewelery if you will, complete your ensemble. They polish your look. Would you send your manuscript out without polishing it first? Of course not. Why should you be any different?

Women have a basic need to feel beautiful. Accessories help us feel better. When we look good, we feel good. And if we feel good, we do good.

You may be sitting there saying, "Um, I don't have a big wardrobe. My clothes are very basic." Did you know that experts say you should spend only 1/3 of your fashion budget on good, basic clothing, yet allot 2/3 of that budget toward accessories. Why? Because they increase the functionality of your wardrobe. Take, for example, the little black dress. It's been an essential fashion item for decades because of it's flexibility. Not because of the dress, but because of what makes the dress--the accessories. Dress it up, dress it down.

Maybe you're sitting there saying, "Mindy, this is all fine and good, but I'm just not a jewelery person. I've worn the same cross necklace and simple stud earrings for as long as I can remember." What a great starting point! Why not punch it up a tad? Keep wearing your cross, but try adding one of those really long chains that can be doubled over for a layered look. Try abandoning your studs for a pair of hoops. Something with substance. I don't mean large, just make sure they can be seen. Did you know that our accessories actually minimize our flaws? They keep the focus on our face.

If you're a budget-minded person (and who isn't), and you're looking at this thinking, "Okay, I'll give it a shot. But where am I gonna get the most bang for my buck?"

Pauline Meier from Premiere Designs suggests starting with a bold pendant. This can also be layered with a longer necklace as mentioned earlier. Next she recommends a fun pair of hoops. If you're a minimalist, a great pair of hoops and a bold watch will go a long way.

Remember, first impressions are important. People make multiple assumptions about you in the first 11 seconds after meeting. What does your visual resume look like? With a few well-chosen accessories, you can take ho-hum to a million bucks!

I can't finish today without taking a moment to remember the tragedy that befell our nation 6 years ago today. I still remember being glued to the TV in gut wrenching awe. As you reflect, please pray for those serving our country, both military and government. And may God continue to bless America.


  1. Mindy,
    Are you talking specifically to me? Stud earrings and cross necklace are my usual accessories to any outfit. Maybe I'll try to branch out a bit for conference. I think I own some other jewelry... hmm...

    On a serious note, I appreciate you mentioning 9.11.01. I remember I was working and my husband called me from home to tell me the news. We had a television at work and many of us left the phones to watch the news. At first I think we thought it was an accident. I remember taking calls for the rest of the week from people who had an insurance claim and there was a similarity among all the calls. No matter what had happened to our insureds - be it fire loss, water or theft - most people mentioned the towers, Pentagon and the 3 airplanes - every one knew what they were going through was nothing compared to what those victims of the terrorist attacks went through. What a horrible day in history.

    Remember those families. They have moved on because that's what folks do that are left behind, but sometimes just because what's happened is in the past doesn't make it any easier to accept. May God bless the families of the military fighting, and of those who've lost their lives.

  2. I liked this post Mindy. I'm someone who needs big help when it comes to accessories. My friend Alana and I went shopping for our company Christmas party last year. She actually made be buy a bracelet that was between 30 and 35 dollars! I thought she was nuts, but I did it and I got so many compliments on in. (She also made me buy certain shoes, also, but I won't go into those details)

    And yes, today we remember 9/11. I posted about it on my blog. I am so thankful for all who are willing to serve this country and do the public service jobs. What an incredible dedication to life these people have.
    Thank you.