Monday, September 10, 2007

Directions, please!

If there are any men reading this blog I hope the title didn't scare you away! Stay tuned, it's not bad, I promise.
I know all six of the F.A.I.T.H. girls are different types of writers. We've all tried different ways of getting our story onto the paper. I personally have tried several types of "prep" work, but ultimately end up just sitting down and seeing what hammers out on the page.
There are times when I just don't "feel" like writing. Even if I'm excited about the story and my characters, there is an outdoors to be enjoyed, maybe a movie to be watched, a book to be read.
But if I make myself sit at my computer and write, it happens.
God is ever faithful.
Because this story I'm working on has a plot. I have a very good idea how it begins and how it ends. I now know (now being the imperative word) my characters backstory.
I get ideas for scenes and jot them down in a notebook. While I'm in this mode, scene ideas come to me quite often and I have to write them down wherever I'm at or have a very good memory.
But I just plod along. Me and God. Writing away. Creating a story. He is the master of creation. He spoke the earth into existence. Certainly he can give an author a gentle nudge in a certain direction. I believe we need to be in prayer about a story while writing it. I know for some authors this is already a firmly established habit. For me, I'll admit I'm still working on it. But I know if we are in prayer about our stories, God will not lead us astray.
After all, He led the Israelites by a cloud during the day and by fire at night. He wants to lead us, be with us.
Everytime I have needed a scene or an idea, He keeps popping them into my head or showing me in some way the direction I need to go.
How do you know God is directing you?


  1. Lindi, I have to pray everytime I sit down at the computer to write. Otherwise I end up writing what I want instead of what HE wants. And then there are those times when I come away from the keyboard with no clue what I've done because it was supernaturally written. Sometimes God will lead me to write things that make me think "No way. How am I going to tie that in?" And everytime, I can't, but He sure can.
    Yes, prayer is a huge part of writing.

  2. I'm always praying because now that I'm writing for God, I don't feel like I can complete a scene without praying about it. He truly is faithful in helping me complete scenes into chapters and my chapters into books. Also, I'm starting to see how He wants me to tie in certain life experiences I've had.

  3. Mindy and Jenn,
    Thanks for sharing. The more God is in our minds and heart as we work, the more the work will benefit.
    You ladies are an inspiration.

  4. I think I get really stuck when I don't pray. I'm more like you Lindi. I am still learning how to give over my writing to God through regular prayer. I think the whole thing is a continual process. I don't think we are supposed to "get" there. I think we are supposed to continually run the race.


  5. I'll second Angie on this one.

    Thanks for your post, Lindi. It was very meaningful and something I needed to think about. I struggle with regular prayer every day, whether about my writing or someone/something else. I know I need to start out my day in prayer, and I may wake up singing a praise song in my head, but as far as going to the Lord first thing, I'll admit I'm suffering in this area.

    I like your reference to Moses and following the fire by night cloud by day. We just taught the kiddos that in Sunday School - this past Sunday!