Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guess where I am?

I'm sitting in this wonderful cafe called Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar in Dallas near the Addison Quorum as I'm writing this. The ACFW conference is about to start. Many of us are connecting again to old friends and new friends today.

I am thrilled to be sitting next to Margie Lawson, who is teaching the Early Bird class tomorrow:-) (She and I escaped the hotel and found internet access at this fun cafe.)

Please stay tuned as we go through the week. I'll be posting daily updates (late evening) on my personal blog while I report from the conference.

Whoo hoo, here we go!
Oh yeah, the personal blog is found at:


  1. Hi Ang,

    Glad you made it there safely and keep reporting!!

  2. Thanks, Lindi:-) And remember to post a comment for your chance to win Tricia's book over at my blog.