Monday, September 17, 2007

Here We Go.......

There's safety in numbers. Haven't we heard that our whole life? Well, I agree.
Especially as writers. Fellow writers, we need support. From each other.
I will not be attending the ACFW conference that is taking place the end of this week. It will be my loss.
The value of meeting fellow writers, talking with people who love to do what you do is indescribable. It's also inspiring. I know when I go to chapter meetings of my local ACFW group or my local RWA group, I feel inspired and uplifted. To know there are others out there struggling to get published, to visit and talk to those who have recently won that hurdle lets me know it's possible. For me. For you.
I know some of you will have agent and or editor appointments at the conference. I know they will go well.
But it's the other peers you meet that will inspire, bless and warm you. These friendships are real, and they are forever.
Have a blast this week, F.A.I.T.H. ladies. I'll miss you.


  1. We'll miss you, too. As for the blast, yep, I intend to. I can't wait to see what God has in store!

  2. Gee, Lindi, I thought you had some pretty new pink luggage. :)

    I agree. I hope all the atendees have a great time!! We'll hold down the fort around here.


  3. Missy,
    I wish I had new luggage. Maybe I'll ask for some for Christmas.

    We want daily reports, ladies.

  4. We pick this weekend, until Wednesday to camp on the lake. I just came home to clean house and do laundry for the trip. We'll definitely give y'all daily reports.