Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In the Process

In the process of creating, often we forget to refuel. This is just a little tiny post to remind all of you to take a deep breath, get a drink of water, and take a walk. That step away from your worries and work will help you refocus.

I'm very goal oriented. I actually stress out if I get off track. With all the things happening in my family life...a senior graduating college this year, a senior graduating high school this year, a senior on exchange to Thailand, ahem, this take into account work, writing, mom's death, business travel, and add a son getting married-this year. Okay, but I want to write. And my husband wants to build his businesses (of which I'm a major part. sigh.) Just how far can a woman stretch?

I've taken a step back and realized I need a lot of deep breathing, cool drinks, and a regular walk away from my worries. I'm encouraging you to take a regular break to refuel. Then go back to it. But don't let your well get dry. Give it time to replenish so that you can keep going.

May God refresh you today.



  1. Angie,

    Even when you're stretched so far you don't think you can stretch any more, you're still an inspiration!

    Walks are awesome as are cold drinks. I used these when I was working and I need to revisit the simple things.

    Thanks for your post!
    (I love: "May God refresh you today." AMEN!)

  2. Angie,
    You know just what a girls needs. I'm feeling the same way.
    Thanks for the reminder. I also think God gives us little breaks now and then. We just need to make sure we notice them.
    And thanks for the refreshing.
    I needed it!

    Awesome post.

  3. I usually need to remind myself to take a breather. I'm thinking that's why God had my little weekend venture take the entire time. It was refreshing. Different. And creative. Also exhausting and mentally taxing. But in a good way :-)

    Thanks, Ang.

  4. I'm refueling. I got one page written in my WIP last week. But praise God, my father-in-law's surgery went well. They finished two hours early, and that 50% chance they gave him seems to be in our favor. God answered our prayers! He woke up asking for his coffee.


  5. Yeah Jenn. I was wondering how things had gone.
    I'm glad he's asking for coffee. That's what I'd be doing also.