Monday, September 24, 2007

Keeping it Going

The F.A.I.T.H. girls, Angie, Christy, Jennifer and Mindy are back from the ACFW conference. I can't wait to read their posts and hear all about the conference. Angie is doing a great job of posting on her personal blog. She also updated the F.A.I.T.H. blog yesterday with some fabulous pictures. Thanks, Angie.
Also, great job goes out to Jennifer Hudson-Taylor for two awards from two seperate categories from the Genesis contest. Whoo-hoo, Jenn!

Missy, Christy and myself are hitting the conference scene at the end of this week. It is the Georgia Romance Writers Moonlight and Magnolia conference. We have 275 people coming in from all over the country and it's going to be a great conference, also.

These are the things we do, the plans we make to further our career. As we have talked about before, learning the craft is just one important aspect of being a writer. Networking and meeting people, agents, editors and peers are equally important. I know when I come home from a conference I'm inspired and on fire to write.

I'm sorry I missed the ACFW conference this year, but I am going to enjoy the Moonlight and Magnolia one and learn as much as I can there.


  1. Thank you, Lindi! I hope things go well for you at M&M. Keep us informed as to how things go. As for me I'm still trying to get settled after Dallas.

  2. Have fun at M & M. Lord willing, we can all be together in Minneapolis next year!

  3. I can't wait for M&M! Of course, all I've accomplished is to unpack!
    Thank goodness Angie has enough energy to post everything on her blog, I haven't gotten around to it on my own. May have to wait until after M&M!!!

  4. Okay Christy, now is your chance. Take a digital and be the official reporter from the M&M conference:-D

    Thanks for this great post, Lindi.