Sunday, October 21, 2007

Check in Sunday

Come one, come all---check in and tell all!

And Cindy----are you out there??


  1. I"ll check in later when I figure out my progress. Hope to hear from you.

  2. Hi all,
    I've had some great progress amidst a crazy week of emergencies. My writing partner and I have set every Wednesday from 9a-1p to work on Insanity Rules. I'm working on the proposal and she's working on another section. Then we get on a conference call and add our thoughts to each other's work. So fun!

    One of our employees hurt his hand, another called in sick, and our daughter spent an overnight in the hospital in Thailand. Then we accepted an emergency placement Japanese exchange student although he's not here yet.

    We had a home inspection for the exchange, tons of paperwork to get filled out, and a mentorship program started with more TONS of paperwork this week.

    Okay, and in the middle of all this...I had a reaction to my medicine that is causing short breath and racing pulse. LOL, when it rains it pours.

    But wow was I productive!

    So when I say, "Breathe," I'm not kidding:-D

    PS Tosca Lee sent me her pageant dresses and they are wonderful too!

  3. Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about Angie's week! I hope your daughter is doing better and you too!

    I'm writing. Every day I've written something! Even when it's bad!

    Busy with friends on Tuesday. Went to Six Flags over GA with family today.
    No writing today - yet. But the day's not over yet.

  4. My progress has slowed. I wrote 4,000 words, completed three critiques, and wrote a few blogs. I created a mock design for a new temporary blog I've joined with 10-12 other writers.

    Yesterday we went to the Renaissance Festival. It was wonderful! I'll be blogging about it this week and posting lots of photos. I have sore muscles from the archery booth. Yes, I love the bow and arrow. I hit the bulls eye a few times and my husband was so impressed he's decided to buy me an archery set!

  5. Jennifer,

    I love archery. Our family has there own bows! We haven't been in a while, but I can't wait to go again now, lol. It's quite a workout too.

    I'm jealous. I love amusement parks and especially rollercoasters.