Monday, October 22, 2007

David Crowder--at Last!

We started this blog in January and if I'm not mistaken I have refrained from Crowder posting. (If I'm wrong I"m sorry!!)
Anyway, Crowder posting is a post about David Crowder. But since it is less than 30 days to his concert here in Atlanta, Kris Billerbeck posted about going to his concert in San Fransico on the Girls Write Out Blog, and he has a new CD out "Remedy", I decided it was time for a Crowder post.
Below is a photo of me, Mike Hogan (a member of the David Crowder Band) and David Crowder himself.

His last CD A Collision was awesome and now he's followed it up with the answer to the Collision---Remedy.
Here is DC in his usual attire. T-shirts, jean, jacket.

The reason I like David Crowder so much is because of his lyrics. They are inspiring, Godly, and he loves the Lord. It's very apparent in the way he writes, sings and the things he is doing for the young adult population. (and the old adult population-me)
And guess what? He's also an author!
Yes, he is.
What more can we ask for?
That's how I got the picture of me with DC and MH. They co-wrote a book and were signing it.
I know there are a lot of talented people out there doing so many different things. Who are you inspired by? What about them inspires you?

"You make everything glorious and I am yours.....
what does that make me?"

From Remedy..Everything Glorious.. David Crowder. (That's for you, Missy!)
PS--Check out DC by clicking here


  1. So Lindi, just how big of a David Crowder fan are you? I've heard you mention his name a lot in emails and in person. How cool that he's an author, too. I know you'll have a great time at the concert.

  2. Hey Lindi - why don't you invite DC on over to the FAITH blog for an interview?

    Never hurts to ask!

  3. Mindy,
    I'll confess--I'm a very nerdy Crowder fan..not stalker scary, but kind of a "reallybigcan'twaittoseehiminconcertagain" fan. PS My friend Kay and I have Crowder t-shirts to wear to the show!!
    I'll take a photo of us...Don't think DC will be in that one.
    And Christy---wouldn't that be awesome to get an interview with DC on the F.A.I.T.H. blog....wonder if that's possible?

  4. And you guys....who inspires you? Is there anyone you like to listen to while you're writing? or what about an author that when you read him/her you just get pumped up and ready to write that fab book?

  5. Hey, you inspired me by posting my favorite Crowder line!! :)

    Missy--and yes, that song is my cell phone ring. LOL

  6. oh yeah, Mindy..I forgot.I also have Crowder on my cell phone ring singing the Doxology. Hmmmm......