Monday, October 29, 2007

Do I Have To?


Here is my son and his girlfriend. Lenny and I made a trip to their college yesterday to say hello and have lunch. Mom was having withdrawls!! While we were there my son informed us he had to shave or trim his beard-by order of his boss. So we went to Wal-Mart and bought a razor, blades, and shaving cream. Then after we went out for lunch we went back to his apartment. As you can see by the next pictures we had to start with the scissors.


Maggie was sad, because she really liked his beard. Mother was glad because she thinks he has a cute face he shouldn't hide!


Trimmed is good. I wished he would have shaved the whole thing, but I"m not complaining.

Now my son didn't want to shave. But he did, because he had to. I thought I'd add the pictures to this post for a fun post, but don't we all have to do things we don't want to now and then?

The last thing I did that I really didn't want to do was go out of town for my job. I don't like traveling without my husband too much anymore. But the trip turned out okay and I went because I had to.
What about you? What have you done lately that you haven't really wanted to?


  1. I had to work last Friday because Sally was on vacation. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed working a 4 day week. It took me all weekend to recoup. Can everyone say "awwwwwwww".

  2. Ask Alex how much he would like it if Maggie didn't shave her legs or pits !!!! Im with Alex, I hate shaving !

  3. LOL, Lindi! Yes, your son has a cute face and should show it off.

  4. Wow, well the work seems to be number 1 on the list of "I don't want to!"

    Cuz---Maggie really liked the beard! We called him mountain man.
    I agree with Christy--he has a cute face.
    Thanks for sharing what you don't like to do.

  5. Jill, I like 4-day work weeks, too! That one day really makes a difference.

    I think he looks so cute with the bear trimmed!! Tell him he looks great.

    And as for things I don't like to do... clean house!


  6. Missy,
    Me too....Do not like cleaning house.