Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall Colors

All Right! Tardy, but not forgotten:-) I went to pick up my new Japanese Exchange Student son in Bozeman yesterday. We had a gorgeous drive home. We stopped for some photo opps and marvelled at the glory of God's creation. A while back, one of the FAITH Girls asked what inspired us. I can tell you talking with Kenshin and seeing Montana anew through his eyes was amazing!

Do you see the world through someone else's eyes ever?

Does it open your mind to the little things you've missed or taken for granted?

Do you have "Awe Attacks" like me? LOL, that's what my husband calls my sense of wonder when I can't stop talking about how beautiful God's creation and how amazing that He could think of things like leaves changing colors or know that man would one day invent tires, roads, and cars. I think God's ability to know that stuff is spectacular.

So these are a few photos that induce "Awe Attacks" in me.



  1. Great pictures, Ang. Sigh. I'm still waiting for our leaves to even think about turning.

  2. Same here. Gorgeous pictures.

  3. LOL Angie - I have "Awe Attacks" too!

    Beautiful pictures - our leaves are just now turning, but don't compare to the ones in your "backyard".

    I'm on my way for a visit... ;)

  4. Ang,
    Beautiful pics!! Very awe-inspiring. I"m glad you are sharing. Keep up posted on your new exchange student son...
    You do sooooo much!!!

  5. We have some color in NC! I might upload some photos if it will stop raining. We've had a drought for months and a ban on washing cars and other stuff. Maybe now we'll be allowed to wash our vehicles after this.