Tuesday, October 30, 2007

His Ways Are Better

Back in the spring, I posted about a writer's retreat my critique group held at our family's ranch. Six of us enjoyed a precious weekend. We had so much fun, we decided to make it semi-annual event. This past weekend was our second such event.

After nailing down an available weekend, I prayed about it, knowing God had already determined exactly who would be on that retreat. Then I announced it to the group mid-September. At one point, we had 6-8 women going. Then things began to happen. Everything from open-heart surgery, to injuries, to new jobs, and the list goes on. Finally, it looked like there would only be two of us. Disappointment set in. Then God reminded me that He already preordained who would be there. It wasn't my concern.

Finally, I grew excited that there would be only two of us. No need to plan menus. We'd just deal with what ever provisions were at the camphouse or go out to eat. No hassles. We could just pack up and go.

Patty and I left early Friday, getting us in about midday. Almost immediately, the laptops were out and we were ready to hit it. By the time Saturday night rolled around, we'd each knocked out at least two chapters. And we weren't ready to quit any time soon.

Then a realization. There were only two of us. Was there anything that kept us from staying another day? We both called our wonderful husbands who gave us their blessing. Whoo-hoo! We didn't have to go home until Monday morning.

While I'd had visions of a houseful of women, God had something a little more intimate in mind. And I'm so glad He did.

How often do we do that? Try to do things our way instead of God's way. Too often we forget that He longs to bless us. We want things our way. Yet His ways are so much better.

Do you ever try to get in God's way? Have your preconceived notions about how you think things should be? If so, how do things usually turn out?


  1. Not only do I get in God's way for me if anyone else feels blocked it's probably me!
    I have such a hard time with this, but it's getting a little easier. I recently was doing something then it looked like it might totally fall through and I wasn't crushed like I thought I would be.
    So I guess I'm learning.

  2. I'm so independent that I sometimes get independent from God. He has worked with me and I've gotten better, but I still struggle. I always want to do it or help Him along, particularly when I think He's moving too slow.

  3. I'm a control freak, so I OFTEN try to plan things to go my way. It's always a growing area for me.

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend, Mindy!! :)