Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life's Little Jolts

It's been pretty crazy around our house the last few weeks. My son has been getting his college application ready to send (binding early decision, so deadlines were the middle of October). I helped do a lot of the online entry of the application as he ran around gathering information. We frantically sent letters to school asking for teacher recommendation and a school report plus transcript. There were so many little steps! He remained totally calm, but I was a mess until I knew he had everything done.

Last night I signed in at the university website to see if they had received everything okay. Yes! They indicated they'd logged it all in. Time to relax until the next stage: filling out all the financial aid forms. I've had plenty of warning about that process. Mary Connealy has kindly (with lots of exclamation points) warned me to get my pin and his pin (separate ones!) for the FAFSA forms WAY ahead of time. :) So I'm thinking I'll do that in early December to be ready for January when the forms are available.

Wrong. There's more to it than just the FAFSA. Last night as I happened to click on the tab for financial aid while signed in under my son's name, it listed the PROFILE forms due by November 15! We need to mail that plus other items to them by then.

Talk about a life jolt! Not one of the little jolts, but a big jolt. So last night we went to dig out all last year's tax returns. Oh boy, the trauma of the application process isn't over yet after all. LOL

So to help me deal with it, I'm heading for one of my daily jolts: my morning coffee! :) Maybe it'll help me digest this new phase we're going through along the road to college.

What about you? What little jolts have you had lately? Writing or otherwise.



  1. I only have 10,000 words left to write on my WIP and I still have so much left to happen by the end of the story. I may go over my target word count and have to scale back in the edit process.

    My husband got a speeding ticket only a few weeks after he bought his new truck.

    Yesterday I realized I only have four more paychecks before Christmas. Does this mean I can start celebrating the holidays now? Just bypass Halloween and lump in Thanksgiving and Christmas all together.

  2. Ah, welcome to my world, Missy. Ain't college grand. Baby girl just informed me the other night that she wants to transfer at the semester to a cross-town college from where she's at. Says all her friends are there. Not the way to approach the guy with the pocketbook :-)

  3. Ah Missy, now you remind me why I have no desire to return to college for a Masters. ALL THE FORMS you fill out!

    I'm working steadily on my manus.

    And have sent my resume in to my previous employer. There are two positions open, earlier than I expected. Will be waiting to see if I'll be one of the ones to fill the slots.

    No real jolts going on, just waiting for His word and praying that I'm following God's Will. Leaving Baby Girl, even with Daddy some of the time and Nana the other part of the time will be an adjustment. Am I up to it? Lord only knows.

  4. Missy,

    Ah--the FASFA! How much fun is that?
    It's almost NOv and we just found out my son's transcripts havne't gotten from one college to the other....and they won't let him register..never mind the fact he's already in classes (which meant he had to register for the first semester).
    But you'll get through it all, hopefully your son won't transfer anywhere!!!

    Jolts for me? Realizing how out of shape I really am trying to put together simple tambourine routines for the girls at the church..I never knew it took so much energy!

  5. It sounds like you all have had your own little jolts recently, too. Oh, well. We'll all manage to get through it. :)

    Lindi, I can't believe he's still having trouble getting all his paperwork straight!!

    Christy, good luck with the jobs! I know it has to be hard to make that first move, but I bet you'll end up loving it. If not, you can always quit and wait a while longer.

    Jenn, it is hard to not just wish away all other holidays before Christmas. But my favorite is actually Thanksgiving, so I never rush that one.

    Mindy, I hope hubby takes the news okay! LOL Maybe she should tell him that she's doing it because of a great program across town. :)