Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Magic's Biggst Secrets Revealed

Have you ever wondered how something worked? Watched a magician escape certain death and been in awe?

I saw a snippet of a show tonight that reveals magic secrets. The magician escapes a locked water chamber. The man escaped his shackles, took breaths, and had no problem getting out of the tank with the pins removed from the hinges of the tank. The audience never suspected the trickery.

How sad am I that I saw that. All the mystery is now taken out of that for me. I had a moment where I felt "Ah hah! That's how it's done." But then I plummeted to disappointment.

Sometimes there are moments like that in life. Something built up in your mind with such mystery and expectation that the reality is disappointing.

I think this life is like that. I think this life is a struggle that we don't fully understand. Now we see through a mirror darkly, we get a glimpse of something we think we want and grab at it. We don't understand why there isn't a sense of fulfillment.

But one day, we will see heaven and the reality of what God has for us. I think instead of being disappointed, we will see and feel such an intense awe that it will fill us with an overwhelming sense of worship and praise. We will be so overwhelmed with the glory of God's beauty, joy, and holiness that we can't help how amazed we are at the eternal experience. Even our greatest joy, our most amazing moment, and highest level of astonished thrill cannot compare to what is in store for us.

What do I look forward to about heaven? That God's "magic" is the real kind, no tricks, no mirrors, no pins removed from the hinges. Real. How cool is that?!

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad I didn't see that show! Magic has always thrilled and amazed me, even though I know there's some trick in the background. :)

    So true about heaven, though! No illusions there. :)


  2. Ang,
    I know what you mean about being disappointed. What a bummer. My son can do these cards tricks, then he shows me how and its like oh...okay.
    It was so very cool while he was doing them.
    But, like Missy said, no illusions in heaven, but I think the splendor and brilliance will be so much more than we can even envision that we can't comprehend at all what it will be like.
    Great post. Made me think of fun things.

  3. Well, I would have been interested to see how those magic tricks worked. And the next time I saw a magic trick, I could see myself sitting smugly in the audience, nudging whoever was next to me: "Hey, I know how they do this!"