Saturday, October 6, 2007

Review - "Sands of Time"

I didn't plan on reviewing this book. But I couldn't put it down. I've had very little sleep because I'm already rereading it. I don't think I've ever tried to read the same book twice in one week. It's that good! And it's contemporary romantic suspense. And no, I haven't neglected my WIP. That's why I'm sleep deprived.

"Sands of Time"

An inexplicable ailment was striking down the children of Russia, in less than forty-eight hours. American medical missionary Sarai Curtiss had watched two young patients slip away, and she feared she might have an epidemic on her hands. Yet how could she help anyone in the middle of a violent coup? The new leadership had demanded all foreigners leave the state--on pain of death.

Unwilling to leave her clinic, but unable to combat her enemies alone, Sarai had to join forces with an unlikely ally--Roman Novik, the rebel Cobra Captain who broke her heart. Faced with a corrupt government, a brutal military and the truth of their own deepest feelings, it would be a race against time to save the lives on the line--and an entire country at risk.

This is a sequel, but I haven't read the first book so this can definitely stand on its own. I loved the tension and attraction between the hero and herione. It's obvious to the reader from the beginning that these two love each other, but the internal conflict of their fear and rejection is so strong that their behavior drives them against each other while the external conflict forces them together. It kept me reading, wondering how far the hero would go to save Sarai or how long he could make it without crumbling and revealing all his love for her. Roman has become one of my favorite heroes.

It's obvious that the author spent some time in Russia as a missionary herself. She knows the terrain, the language, the details of what it would take to write this book. Not only did I enjoy the read, but I learned a lot.

The suspense will keep you reading, wondering about the book as you go through the rest of your day. The characters will stay on your mind even after you finish reading it. The end is very satisfying and it makes you want to run to the store and buy another one of Susan May Warren's books. I've been pouring over her website since I've read it. Of course, now I'll be going back to buy the first one, "In Sheep's Clothing."


  1. Wow Jenn, Sounds like a great book. The only book i can remember rereading after finishing was Rekindled by Tamara Alexander. I just wanted to know how she "did" it.

    And I'm glad you didn't neglect your wip.
    Keep going, girl!!

  2. I would have reread "Redeeming Love" if it wasn't so long. This is the first contemporary that I've liked this much. I'm still dissecting it.