Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Story, and the Contest, Come to an End

Good job, gang! Give yourselves a hand. You mastered sexual tension and conflict beautifully. When I wrote our first little paragraph, I never expected Calli and Joe were triathletes. Too cool.

But all good things must come to an end. Here is our story in it's entirety:

Calli Marie relished each new day. Her zest for life sometimes annoyed coworkers. Everything about the world excited her. Until the day he showed up. The ultimate pessimist, Joe Riley could have sucked the energy out of the Energizer Bunny.

Callie knew that people in need sent out invitations for help. She suspected Joe Riley's lack of energy was an invitation. It was, however, a party to which Callie did not want to be invited. Still his stupid jock grin, pulled her to him.

Callie put on her best everything-is-gonna-be-all-right attitude and sat beside him. "Well, Joe, I hear you're training for the iron man."

He opened an eye and nodded. "It's a requirement for the job."

He has a job. Callie kept her surprise to herself. She hoped.

Even though Callie had a tough time with her thoughts, she still couldn't see Joe Riley training for the Iron Man. Sure, he had a good physique, but he was so stubborn he should enter in the Iron brain.

Why would he want to train for the very thing she was entered in? If she hadn't caught him in the same swim shop watching her last week, well, this wouldn't be an issue.

Or would it? Just look at him. She almost purred contentedly as she peeked at him under her lashes. Her heart flipped over. She swallowed hard and shook her head.

No, don't look!

Callie couldn't resist a challenge. She'd teach him not to mess with her. "How about we train together tomorrow?"

"Sure thing," he answered.

His unexpected agreement made her heart lunge into her throat. Swallowing hard, Callie asked, "Where do you want to meet?"

"How about the swim shop."

The swim shop. Just her luck. The gleam in his eye told her that his choosing the one place she'd have preferred to keep well out of the range of shouting distance from was designed to psych her out from the get-go. Ogle her, would he? Well, he'd soon have another think comin'. She'd fix his little red wagon so quick those sleepy, heavy-lidded baby blues would pop open like somebody'd taken a cattle prod to him. Which, upon further consideration, was becoming increasingly tempting.

Callie decided to put an end to his plans with a plan of her own. "The swim shop would be fun, but why don't we work on biking instead. I've been dying to bike up Scott's Mountain. Are you ready for the challenge?"

Joe looked at her through those thick lashes, and smiled accepting the challenge. "Sure. Let's do it.

Joe almost regretted the words as soon as they came out. Peddling up Scott's Mountain would be a breeze. But the thought of spending any amount of time with Callie Marie nearly knocked the wind out of him. After all, the last bit of time they spent together resulted with him in the hospital and Callie M. nowhere to be found. This time he'd make sure he kept a very good eye on her. And that would be pure pleasure.

The next day, at the peak of Scott’s Mountain, Calli and Joe stopped to catch their breath. The view was spectacular. In more ways than one.

“Power Bar?” Joe held out a golden package.

Calli eyed him cautiously. After deciding death by poison was unlikely, she accepted the snack.
“So, why’d you decide to enter the Iron Man? Didn’t think it was your style.”

“It’s not. But getting what I want is.”

“So what do you want? The glory? The prize money?”

“You.” Those baby blues gleamed with sincerity.

“Me?” Calli choked out the word.

“Calli, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since I woke up in ICU.” He cupped her
face in his hands. “Whadya say? Wanna make a dash for the finish line?”

“But I. . .But you—”

His lips melded with hers. In that oh so brief moment, nothing else mattered. He released her, but not his hold on her heart.

“I think the finish line is a great place to start.”

This was too fun. We just might have to do this again. Thanks for playing.

And now. . .the winner is. . .

Lisa Buffaloe!!!!!

Congratulations, Lisa. I'll be contacting you soon regarding your prize.

Thanks again ladies. I couldn't have done this without you.


  1. Okay - this was a lot of fun! Congratulations Lisa!

    My favorite line is: "Calli, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since I woke up in ICU.”


    Mindy - was that one of your lines? It figures.

    Great idea and thanks to all who participated! It's been fun reading.

  2. Thanks Mindy for the fun day.
    We will have to do it again.

  3. ROFLOL! Maybe the next time we play, we work on editing out the word challenge. It would be such a challenge, you know. Of course, a challenge is always healthy. But I challenge you all to find a new word for challenge...:-D


  4. This was so cute! I'm sorry I missed the fun. I hope we'll do it again.

    Great work, ladies! You should all write comedy. :)


  5. Woo hoo! I won????

    What great fun. Thanks Mindy for starting us off. Love the lines everybody put together. ROFL!