Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tosca Lee author of Demon-A Memoir

Tosca has written the most fascinating book, Demon-A Memoir. I've been plastered to the pages since my friend gave it to me as a gift. Holy Cow!!! I only have a few minutes each day to read. I can tell you that I've intentionally found an extra minute here or there. I don't want to put it down.

You know, another reason to enjoy this speculative type of fiction? Demon-A Memoir makes me think. It's intelligent and full of awesome imagery. What better season than this one leading up to Halloween? Full of mystery and intrigue, constant masquerading costumes by a certain main character, and eerie tension. Hmmm, yep, perfect for this season.

I wish you could meet Tosca in person like I did. She's warm, witty, and fun to be around. She's also creative and an inspiring personality. I'm thankful for my new friend and the influence she now has on my creativity and writing. I hope you'll check out her book, her website, and her contest!

So Tosca, tell us a little about your contest...

Tosca: I am hosting a contest for Christian speculative fiction on my website. For complete novel proposals, the prize is that my agent has promised to give it serious consideration. For 15 page novel excerpts for not-quite-finished works, Jeff Gerke is going to critique it. It's really an excellent contest for that reason.

Visit Tosca's blog at:

Thanks for visiting us and have fun exploring this rising author:-)
PS I'm giving away a book today here for someone who posts a comment! So go ahead and post a comment for your chance to win Demon-A Memoir. And then jump on over to my personal blog. I have a fun mini-series going on Tosca and her new book all week with another chance to win Demon-A Memoir. Where?


  1. I can't wait to check it out! Angie doesn't often rave about books, so I know this must be a great one!


  2. I also meant to say that I'm so glad you joined us on our blog today, Tosca!


  3. Angie and Tosca! Yeah, you're on the F.A.I.T.H. blog. Thanks for visiting us here. I plan on checking out the book and the contest.

  4. I'm with Missy on this. Angie's love of this book has my interest piqued!

    Welcome to the FAITH blog, Tosca - Beautiful picture of you!

  5. I went to Tosca's website. Love it. And the contests are very interesting. I think I need to get my ms together and send it.
    Thanks for doing something like that, Tosca. It's great.

  6. Thank you for having me! And please do look in to the contest.

    Thank you, Ang!

  7. Tosca,

    I'm a little late posting this. Been working on my WIP, but I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed meeting you in Dallas!