Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Volunteering, pancakes, and sausage

Do you offer a tithe of your time?

My son called me last week while I was at a conference in Portland.

"Um, Mom?"


"I need help."

What's new? Teens call when they need you and ignore you when they don't. Kind of like my cat:-)

The conversation ended with a fun-filled sound of his relief. As Junior Class President, he was now in charge of the annual pancake breakfast. He needed mom.

So today, we will be offering our time and money to shop for the supplies. Tomorrow, bright and early at 6:45a.m (for those of you who know me, you know that this is really the tithing, lol) we will begin cooking for 150 people.

So why do it?

Because if I only give of my money, I am not giving my all. So I am a firm believer in tithing of my time.

I've come up with a new test for decision making. Here it is:

If the smallest thing happened (for example, my son's sense of faith that he can trust his mom to support him) would that be enough?

If the answer is yes, then I do it.

A few weeks ago, I was in Dallas at the ACFW conference. I met a lovely lady. She told me about her dreams for the future and her parameters for those dreams.

On the plane coming home, I met a handsome man who did the same. So I asked myself then, if nothing else came of my trip to Dallas but that these two people met...would that be enough?

The answer was a resounding YES!

You just never know in what way, what timing, what special event that didn't seem so special at the moment how God's hand will touch the world.

So from now on, I'll ask myself that same question. Will you ask yourself?

"If only XYZ came of it, would that be enough?"

Ultimately, I feel like it gives me a sense of contentment. A feeling of "all's right with the world." And, that every little choice I make, action I do, thing I say may really make a difference in someone else's life.

From the book of Esther, "How do you know that you weren't born for such a time as this?"

Why do we think that everything we do must be a huge thing? Maybe, it's a listening ear late at night over a coke, maybe on a plane, maybe serving pancakes and sausage in the wee morning hours.

How will you tithe your time, make decisions, offer an ear?

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PSST: Christy, you won the copy of Mary Lu Tyndall's book, Restitution.


  1. Angie,
    Great post - tithing is more than money - it is our time too. Over the last few weeks, I've had little time, but I hope what time I've used toward others has made the slightest difference and that its been a part of His will.

    Good luck with the pancakes and sausage - yummy - that sure sounds good about now. If I was only a few hundred miles closer, I'd stop in for a taste test.

    And I love that scripture from Ester - it reminds me of a women's conference I went to a few years ago, led by Kay Arthur. The tag line for the conference was "For Such a Time as This!"

  2. Oh, Christy, Kay Arthur. I've heard fabulous things about her and her studies.
    And, Ang, yes tithing of the time can be a challenge. I"m working on a childrens program for church, a possible tambourine ministry. But I don't think everything you do has to be through the church of course. I think writing is a tithe of our time...we are doing it for God. Someone will read it.
    And your pancakes will be fabulous!! I know they will. Like Christy said, if we were only a few hundred miles closer.
    Miss you!!

  3. First Angie, let me say this: 6:45 is not the wee hours of the morning. Goof!

    Now about the tithing. I try my best, when I wake up each day, to say, "God whatever it is You would have me do, the answer is yes." Every day, there are unintended things that pop up. Then the question isn't will I do them, but what is the attitude with which I do them? Sigh. Sometimes I fail. But oh how sweet it is when I hit the mark.

  4. LOL, the pancakes went fast ladies! However, 6:45a.m is definitely wee morning hours. GROAN! I was up until 1a.m the night before-which, is normal...that's when my house is quite. :-D I have to write right now from about 9 or 10p.m. until I'm too tired. I'm sure that will change as my kids grow and go, but in the meantime...sigh, I'm a tired momma. Remember my kids all range 16-23. Nobody knows what 10p.m. bedtime means, that was sooo six years ago!


  5. Great advice and insight, Angie. Thanks!