Thursday, October 18, 2007

Walking on Water

If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat. It's a Bible study book I did a few years ago, written by John Ortberg. A great study if you haven't done it before. One of the things that I really concentrated on at the time was to find the nerve to sing solos in church. Now, I had sung solos before, but not without nearly fainting from fear. Once when I sang at my sister-in-law's wedding rehearsal, you could actually see my legs knocking together on the home video tape filmed from behind. I was absolutely terrified to sing in public and could actually get so nervous that my throat would close up. (It happened on that solo during the wedding--my hubby had to do a verse by himself!)

Not long after the study ended, I volunteered to sing during the service. I prepared, I prayed, I did deep breathing exercises, and I finally got up to walk to the mic. Just when I thought my heart would pound right out of my chest, I looked out into the congregation and saw two of the ladies from my Bible study. They were both smiling so big, knowing that I was finally climbing out of that boat. Peace flowed over me. I could do it. God would help me. I was using my gift for Him, not for my own glory. And God's words and music flowed through me to the congregation.

I was thinking about writing along those same lines today. Sometimes we need the confidence to finally step out of that boat. Sometimes that might mean writing a different type story--one God is calling us to write. Sometimes it might mean having the guts to enter a contest. Sometimes it might mean having the stamina to actually finish a book. Whatever your challenge is, I bet it's time to step out. To walk on water with Jesus.

So, if you dare, tell us how you're going to be stepping out of the boat this week. :)



  1. My stepping out the the boat started a couple of weeks ago when I worked with a few others to launch Carolina Christian Writers. Right now we are having trouble finding an affordable to free place to meet that is consistently available and a good central location for everyone. This has been our biggest and hardest challenge so far. The rest seems to be falling into place.

  2. Jenn, congrats on stepping out! :)

    GRW had a really hard time finding a location to meet when our old location closed down. We used to meet for free at Picadilly cafeteria as long as we ate and left a tip. Now we meet at the Hilton and pay $12 per person including lunch.

    Since it's Christian writers, could you try a church? Our ACFW chapter meets at Lindi's former church.


  3. Good post Missy, and real cute, daring us to step out of the boat. Bless your heart for overcoming your fear of singing in public.

    Proud of you, Jenn for starting the writers group. You guys will be a part of ACFW in no time.

    Hmm, what have I been doing to step out of the boat? Writing wise, I'm making myself write bad just to plug away at a scene.

  4. Yes, we are trying to find a church that is a central location for everyone. None of us are members of a church in that location. Churches don't want give keys and responsibility to their facility to people who do not attend or are not members of their church. Thus, is my dilemma.

  5. This is great. Well, my stepping out of the boat is sending out a full ms. to someone who requested it, and two partial to other people - that terrifies me. I mean, who wants to get three rejections, right??
    But I'm learning that stepping out of the boat does not neccessarily mean you're going down. Sometime, God willing, you DO get to walk on water!!!

  6. My family accepted a Japanese exchange student for the rest of the school year.
    PS And I mailed my application for the Mrs. Montana America pageant:-)