Monday, October 1, 2007

Writing, right?

Here are two photos from M&M. Kristin Wallace was another Inspirational finalist. She's from Miami and very nice. Turned out her room was across the hall from me and Missy. We got to hang out some and I hope to see her again at other conferences.

And here are the three F.A.I.T.H. girls!!!!

The conference was so much fun. The Georgia Romance Writers know how to put on a first-class event. There were plenty of high-quality workshops to choose from and we even had a DJ---dancing until midnight for the dessert reception. Between volunteering and giving a workshop I didn't have too much time to sample the others, but I did sit in on one-Building Emotional Resonance by Sandra K. Moore. It was really good.

I've got my second place certificate on my desk. I hope to finish the manuscript this month and enter it into the Golden Heart contest for unpublished authors. A way that will be helpful in me accomplishing this is the GRW PRO's are holding a writing challenge for October. And so tomorrow it begins! Yeah! Write, write, write.


  1. Everyone looks so great! Missed you. Glad you had such a wonderful time. Congratulations on the win, Lindi.

  2. Thats my Cuz !! Way to go girl !! Proud of you and glad you had a good time. Im sure you and Christy behaved yourselves, right ????

  3. Yea! Congratulations, Lindi. Sounds like the FAITH girls are a rockin' and a rollin'. And yes, it's time to write, write, write!

  4. Yahoo, Lindi!! We're really proud of you!! Also, thanks for posting the photos!


  5. Hi all,
    I'm in Houston. And have free Internet Connection. Yeah!!
    Thanks for the posts. The conference was fun and I"m glad I went.
    And yes, Cuz, Christy and I behaved ourselves. Always!!!

  6. Huh, that pic turned out nice. LOL. Glad I found your blog, ladies. It was nice to make some new friends. Had fun in GA. Went back to torrential rains. Fun!

    Kristin (3rd place) Wallace

  7. Glad you found us Kristin. I sat behind you, but sorry I didn't get to say hi, and congratulations on 3rd place!

    Cousin Wendy - you'll get every one thinking me and Lindi are a bunch of nuts, running wild in GA. Every one knows we're easy going - in a good way - and just like Chick-Fil-A whether it be for breakfast or lunch. I actually went to my room after the awards ceremony and had a brainstorming blitz/critique session with my crit partners. One of the best things I came back with from M&M and ACFW is the renewed desire to submit my work!!!

    That means, logging off the internet for another 24 hours...

    But ps... Lindi - can you email me the picture of the 3 of us? How'd the other group photo turn out? Thanks!

  8. Excellent! Loved this update and the photos.

  9. Kristin! Hi. Glad you found us. Thanks for stopping by. And the picture did turn out good. It was so nice meeting you. I hope to see you again at other events...especially ACFW ones.
    And Christy, yes I will email the photo of us three to you. Sorry I didn't read this before now.
    Thanks all for stopping by.