Monday, November 12, 2007

And the part I like best is?

Finishing the book.
Words after words after words. You type, they pop up on the page.
But do they make sense?
Are they following some order?
When you get to the end do you have that epiphany--"That's what the yellow flower meant in chapter eight!?"
Does every word count? Are there any wasted words?

So much to think about---but don't think about it while you're writing. Just write. Even if it's bad.

Because then we get to fix it. And that's the fun part. Really.

It's where you get to go back and read the whole book all the way through, whip out those post it notes and red (or any color of your choosing) pen and write and post and fix and cross out and rearrange and delete!

Writing--you gotta LOVE it.

What's your favorite part? The first draft? The revising? The planning? It's a Monday tell all!!


  1. My favorite part is the end. Finishing. No more revising. No more adding to or taking out. Of course, being unpublished, that hasn't happened yet. But what a glorious day that will be. Then again, I'll just be doing it all over again with another book. I guess it's like banging your head against the wall--it feels so good when you stop :-)

  2. Since I'm in the depths of revisions, I can say honestly it felt pretty darn good to write the last scene of my previous manuscripts.

    However, one thing I'm finding I really love is brainstorming! Put two writers together, or maybe three or four and it's amazing what we come up with!!! Then you go back to the computer and write, write, write!!!

    Thanks for your post, Lindi, I sure needed this reminder.

    Did you go on the brainstorming retreat this weekend?

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the comments. Mindy, I like the analogy of banging our heads against the wall and it feels good when we stop. Amen!
    And Christy, no I didn't get to go on the retreat, but I hear a good time was had by all.
    I'm getting to where I really like the planning stage also. Wait, did I actually type the word planning?
    I better quit typing now, no telling what may come out next!

  4. I suppose I am bit like Christy in that I like the conception of the idea! That is probably why I haven't written a lot! Not because I don't have ideas but because following the "high" form the idea the slog of putting it down seems such a drudge!

    I have really enjoyed the feeling of saying, "That's it" and knowing it is a complete and crafted piece (whether anyone else likes it or not!)

    I also like co-writing, I am on my third co-written pantomime, each with a different co-writer. The things that spin out of bouncing ideas back and forth are far greater than I could achieve on my own. Even if nothing gets written we still have a great time!

    Is that being greedy, that's three favourite parts! Although I think the they are linked in the it starts with the idea and ends with the idea presentable to the world. So for me it is the idea!!

  5. Glad you stopped by, Richard. I don't think you're being greedy. You're just enjoying the journey! :)

    I love something about all parts. Especially starting out with a formed idea and letting is fly. The first 3 chapters are so fun. Then I really love the last couple of chapters. I love to write that happy ending. :)


  6. I used to hate editing, but now it's my favorite part. Once you have the draft complete you've got something to work with. I enjoy molding it, polishing it, and forming it to that finished product--something that others can enjoy.

  7. Richard, like Mindy said, I don't think you're being greedy. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Jenn, I'm like the revising process more and more....And Missy does write great, happy endings.