Friday, November 9, 2007

Declaration: I'm Finally A Writer!

It didn't happen overnight.

Actually, it's taken a few years to reach this point.

Behind me are two manuscripts that I'd just as soon keep in the drawer. Waiting for me are a dozen starts to manuscripts I decided weren't going the way I wanted, so I started something new.

I've written bad. Very bad.

I still write bad - just to get through the scene. Get something down on paper already!!!

I realized I was finally a writer when in the same week, my crit partner calls to brainstorm on her WIP. When my F.A.I.T.H. sister calls me at 8 a.m. her time to schedule a brainstorming session later in the day. I know I've reached writerdom when I'm calling these ladies on other days, needing a brainstorming session for my WIP.

I'm a writer because I was invited to a writer's retreat, but regretfully had to decline at this time.

I'm looking forward to Minneapolis next year, and wondering if I can squeeze San Francisco into the mix? I'm thinking ahead to Margie Lawson speaking at our Moonlight & Magnolias conference in the fall of 2008. I'm planning ahead, I'm thinking of my game plan next year.

But most of all, I realized I'm finally a writer when I can't read a book without asking: "How'd the author achieve this highly strained sense of tension?" "What are the hero/heroine's goals for this scene?"

I know I'm a writer because I can no longer watch a movie without figuring out how I could bring that kind of action and intense emotion into my own work.

I can't watch an episode of "The Big Comfy Couch" with my daughter without imagining the writer's GMC for the episode.
(Just because it's a kids show, doesn't mean GMC isn't present!)

I'm a writer when I yearn for the house to be quiet so I can write another scene.

I'm a desperate writer mom when my husband sends me to a half-day spa for a facial, Swedish massage, pedicure, manicure, and haircut and I'm wishing I had my laptop and about another hour to spare to write on the spa's big comfy chair!

Did I mention I'm desperate and a little insane? What woman goes to a spa wishing she had her laptop with her????

I'm a writer, I'm a writer. Let me scream it to the top of my lungs!

Where were you - what were you doing - when you realized YOU were finally a writer?

To celebrate this milestone in my writing career, we'll have a little, one-day contest.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a 3.7 oz Yankee Candle jar and a Starbucks gift card. A yummy smelling candle and a cup of coffee is a great motivator and sustainer for the writer, or reader, in us all!!!

FAITH girls: eligible to comment, but we'll save the prize for our readers !!


  1. Nice Post Christy.
    I always say writing isn't something I's something I am.
    Congratulations on the epiphany. :)

  2. "Hello, my name is Tammy and I'm a Writer." (LOL - we're all a little insane, aren't we?!)
    I realized I'm a writer the first time I let a co-worker read my MS. But I didn't admit to it publicly until much later.
    Christy, I'd say no thanks to the spa just because of the laptop thing. In fact, I'm trying to figure out how to rig a safe shelf for the tub so I can combine my two favorites: writing and a long hot bubble bath!
    Best wishes with all you do,
    Tammy Doherty
    'She's Mine' 2007 TBL finalist

  3. I realized I was a writer when I NEEDED other writers around me so I put an ad in the paper and founded the East Texas Writers Association in Longview, TX. The group is still going strong and that was about 30+ years ago. Many of us have published now. I agree with Mary, writing isn't what I am as much as it's WHO I am and sometimes I forget that and whine and mope and feel sorry for myself. I need a good kick in the rear when I start feeling that way because I'm REALLY a writer and it doesn't matter if I'm writing novels, short fiction, non-fiction or greeting cards. I'M A WRITER!!!
    Great post, Christy. One I needed to read and think about this morning. Sometimes I think because I'm not selling novels, that I'm a fake.

    Congrats on being a writer and having a world-wide support group.

  4. Christy,
    Great post.........and for me, I suppose I realized I WASN'T a writer when I read all of you and your buds postings !! Im the reader..... I will read anything and don't hesitate to find things at fault !! You guys do the writing, I will do the reading.......
    Cousin Wendy

  5. EEwww, you still have to endure The Big Comfy Couch? Bless you my child. I used to HATE that show :-P

    Yes Christy, you are a writer. And forget San Francisco. Plan on joining us in April here in Texas for our next retreat. It'll be cheaper and you can't beat the hospitality :-)

  6. Good evening all!

    I'm so tickled that each of you stopped by and laughed with me on my "epiphany" as Mary said.

    Yes, Tammy we are all a little insane - or that's what some of those who live with us think! I'm glad I'm not alone there.

    Jess, you make a good point - we are writers no matter what we write, no matter if we're published or not yet published :)
    Well said.

    Cousin Wendy, I sure am glad you put your two cents in. Where've you been? I've been missing your pushing me along on my writing journey...

    Hey Mindy, that sounds like a wonderful invitation!

  7. I'm back - this time to post a comment for Dianna who was unable to comment on the site and emailed me instead. Hey, that works too!

    Dianna Shuford wrote:
    I realized I was a writer when two things happened. 1)When I was willing to tell people other than my husband I was a writer, and 2)When I was willing to make my "office" my master closet, so I write amongst my clothes, my shoes, all my hubbies things, and various other things that needed to be stuffed somewhere.

    But you know what? The words don't care, and when I'm into my story neither do I. I have willingly begun to give up other pleasantries to write. I rarely watch tv, I pass up outings with my husband and kids (like a day at 6 flags), and when I go to the movies on a "date" with my husband all I can think about is my story and how to fix whatever is bugging me.

  8. Christy,

    Great post!! You are a writer. I remmeber telling my mother a plot line over the phone and my heart was beating really fast and I kept thinking she was thinking I was crazy. But she listened and told me it sounded good. I don't know if that's the exact moment I knew but it was something I remembered.

  9. Congrats, Christy!! We knew it all along, but I'm so glad you now know.:)


  10. I think I just wrote a terrible sentence. I hope you know that I meant this:

    We knew all along that you're a writer, and now I'm glad that you know, too.

    had to clarify! LOL