Thursday, November 1, 2007

Moving On...

No, I'm not moving to a new house, or leaving this blog, or deserting my family. :) I'm actually moving on to a new story. And it feels so weird. Like leaving good friends.

I mailed off a submission yesterday. The complete manuscript that I had been working on all year. I did start it over right after RWA National because the characters weren't working. So since the end of July, Bill and Lurleen have been constant companions in my head. Now it's time to move on. The bright side is that I'm going to be writing about Lurleen's brother, and the story will take place in the same small town. So I won't have to totally leave them.

To non-writers, I might sound a bit strange. But I don't think I am. Fictional friends are a way of life with writers. (At least I hope it's not just me! LOL) Now's the fun part. I get to dream up my characters' backstory. To find out what they're like, and how they will react in certain situations. To declare their strengths and weaknesses, their biggest fears, their dreams.

Now I get to create my fictional world. To march into a new story.

But only after I take a little break to reward myself with a pedicure. :)



  1. There's nothing like new love. Falling in love with our characters. Then, often times, we want to kill them off about chapter ten and make it a short story. A tragedy :-)
    Yes, I like it when my husband stops me and says, "Dear, your characters are not real." What does he know?
    Have fun Missy.

  2. LOL! I'm glad I'm not the only one. :)

  3. I'm so close to finishing my new manuscript too! I'll be plotting a new story and getting familiar with new characters.

    Something is wrong with my laptop and so while we were in the doctor's office with my daughter, I was handwriting part of a chapter. We writers can be desperate, you know. My poor baby is sitting beside me running a fever, while I've got the ending to Michael and Nicole's story playing out in my head.

  4. Poor thing! I'm sorry she's sick. I hope it was something easy to treat. As bad as I hate strep throat for the kids, at least they feel better very quickly with antibiotics.

    Enjoy the ending of the book!!


  5. Jenn, hope your daughter is okay.
    And Missy, have fun on your new adventure with your new story.