Thursday, November 15, 2007

Praise! And Prayer Requests

First, I want to praise God for rain! And it sounds like a really good rain out there right now. We've been in such a terrible drought that this is a huge relief.

It was gorgeous, sunny, and about 79 degrees today. A perfect day for lunch outside with my husband. :) Knowing that it was supposed to rain tonight, I headed out with my camera late this afternoon. I was afraid the leaves would be gone after the rain. I loved the trees in front of the church this year. They were a lot redder than usual, and with the sun shining through them, the leaves almost glowed like fire. Above are two photos taken outside our church around 5 pm. I missed the best light, but I think they turned out beautiful anyway. Try clicking on the one on the left. It'll go to a full screen and you can see how glorious the leaves are.
Now for the requests....
Please be in prayer today for author Kristy Dykes as she faces surgery for a brain tumor (mapping procedure at 5:30 am, surgery at 7:30 am Thursday--Eastern, I assume). She has a blog where she is telling of this journey (click on her name). She's an amazing woman, and I have this strong sense that everything will be okay. Of course, we know that with God it will be okay no matter what the outcome.
I also just learned a young friend has thyroid cancer (she's about 30 years old). She's scared and depressed and needs our prayers. She'll be having surgery on Friday.
Thanks so much for stopping by today. Do you have any prayer requests?


  1. I'm so glad to keep both of these ladies in prayer. I pray that the Lord will send the Holy Spirit to comfort them and angels to surround them and their families.

    I have 2 different friends that had thyroid cancer. After their surgeries, they both lead wonderful and full lives. They simply take thyroid meds for the rest of their lives. The good news is the meds are usually quite inexpensive. Both ladies couldn't conceive prior to the surgery. Both have 2 children now since the surgery and with the appropriate levels of thyroid.

    The photos are spectacular!! I love fall. And, it was 20 degrees this morning with a high of 40 degrees this afternoon. YUCK!


  2. Oh, Angie, what a blessing to hear the news of your friends! I'll pass that along. My friend has struggled to have another child.

    Missy :)

  3. Lord, Creator of heaven and earth, please keep Kristy and all others who are in need of You surrounded in peace, with the knowledge You have a plan for their life, Lord, a plan bigger than anyone of us can see. Lord, You are steadfast and true, faithful and neverchanging. Let our hearts be blessed and full knowing You are in control, You are You and we are safe in You.

    Missy, the pics are is your church!

  4. Thanks for praying, Lindi. I've been thinking of Kristy all morning.


  5. Kristy has weighed heavily on my heart for the past week. Knowing her surgery was upcoming, I shared her story with the ladies in my Bible study yesterday. I look forward to updates.
    Missy, what a gorgeous church! I think you need to put together a calendar with that one on the left being the November pix. And some people think we serve a boring God. There ain't nothing boring about that!

  6. I agree, Mindy. The beauty of nature is one main way I experience God's love and awesomeness.

    I think I'll start taking photos of the church in every season. I may use it somehow someday. :)

  7. We just got an update on my young friend. I think in all the worry, her mother may have made it sound like the diagnosis was already cancer. In fact, they found "suspicious cells", so she's meeting with a surgeon tomorrow (not actually having surgery yet). I'll be praying they find good news!


  8. Beautiful pictures, Missy. I'm like you, I see proof of God's awesomeness, as you said, when I look around at nature. Then to have rain, especially after our Governor and so many have been praying for it!

    I pray for God's arms around your friend and her family. I pray for Kristy's healing. In reading her blog, before she went into surgery, it's obvious how strong her faith is and what an inspiration she can be to us all.

    Last update was the surgeon was able to remove much of the tumor.