Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanks--a little differently

Since it's Thanksgiving week why don't we do something different today. Everybody always thinks about the things they are thankful for, but I say let's go about it in a new way today.
Think of things you are thankful for using the word Thanksgiving for the beginning letters. Let's see how many different things we can come up with using the same first letters.
Here is mine:
T-true love
N-nice people
K-King of Kings
I-Instant potatoes (sorry family!)

Okay, I know it's not fair that I went first, but it's my post---try not to use the same words as anyone else.

What are you thankful for?

And please continue prayers for Kristy Dykes. Her husband is continuing to post her progress at her blog. This is one of the most inspirational situations I have ever witnessed. The faith of this family and woman is not only an inspiration, but it is a true testimony to how good our God is. Also, one of Kristy's daughters has a couple of posts on her blog.


  1. T-TV (sounds shallow, but I love to snuggle up with my kids to watch
    H-hubby and holidays
    A-authors who write great books for me to read
    N-new CDs of my favorite groups
    S-sunshine (I'm copying Lindi)
    G-God's love and mercy
    I-inquisitive students
    V-very gooey brownies :)
    I-interesting bird sounds outside my window (there's no B, so I had to work in the beautiful birdsong I'm hearing right now!)
    N-new story ideas
    G-greenness in spring

    Okay, Lindi. What is N-soup? :)

  2. Here we go :

    T - Tummy tucks
    H - Happy Birthdays
    A - A sunny day
    N - New Beginnings
    K - Kleenex !
    S - Sleep
    G - Gravy
    I - Ice cream
    v - Visions
    I - Icing
    G - Great posts on F.A.I.T.H.

    N Soup ? Noodle, navel ? Do tell......

  3. Yes, it must be Noodle Soup...

    Here's mine:

    T - Tea(sweet) & Coffee
    H - Hubby & Daughter
    A - Aunt,Uncle,cousins, in-laws, parents and grandparents - thankful for them all!
    N - New Writer friends
    K - Keeping family close
    S - Savior~The way, the truth & the light
    G - Giving, the ability
    I - Inspiration to Write
    V - Value of memories for those who've passed on
    I - Ice Cream and chocolate
    N - New Shoes & Clothes
    G - Good Times to come and those gone by

  4. T - Taking vacations
    H - Holidays
    A - Acceptance letters & emails
    N - Nice people
    K - Kids
    S - Scripture
    G - God
    I - Insurance when it's affordable
    V - Voice of God
    I - Income (lots of it)
    N - Naps
    G - Grace & giving